Tuesday, July 31, 2018
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3rd Trimester, Maternity Photoshoot, Pregnant Photoshoot

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I know this has been a major topic lately. After having one of the hardest months I have had in a LONG time I felt the need to speak about it. Although I feel embarrassed and weak sometimes, I know that others out there deal with the same thing! After talking about it I had SEVERAL messages for several different reasons. I am a work in progress and always will be! I wanted to share a few things today that have really helped me! While these things aren't a "solve all" they have given me the opportunity to pull myself out of some really rough places!

1. Meditation/Personal Development: I try to start every single morning with 10-15 minutes of some sort of meditation or personal development. This could mean several different things. I personally love using audible! The biggest reason I push this and practice this is because mindset is everything! If you give yourself 15 min every morning to put your head in a good space, the rest of your day will go so much better!

2. One Day at a Time: This has been a game changer for me. Sometimes this doesn't always pan out in my favor, but for the most part this helps me keep my anxiety at a minimum! If I have a crazy month ahead and I'm worrying about the whole month, I will literally be anxious every single day. Focusing on one day at a time has been huge for me! Even if it's a week at a time! You have to know what works for you and do it! We can't control what is happening in 2-3 weeks, so why worry about it?!

3. Sleep: Easier said than done when you are a Mom. Just yesterday Char was with her grandparents and I got the chance to sleep 2 hours more until 9am. YOU GUYS.... WORLD OF DIFFERENCE. Being tired is like an instant anxiety trigger. My head is in such a better place when I am not sleep deprived! So... if this isn't an option, do what you can. Skip laundry to take a nap when your kids are napping. Ask for help. If you need to sleep, don't be afraid to just ask. When I get overly tired I can get in a bad place fast. Do what you need to do and don't be ashamed of it!

4. Count to 10 Slowly and Breath: Doesn't this sound so silly?! It might feel like it, but in the middle of not being able to breath and anxiety taking over, this can help clear your head and calm you down! The other night a lot had gone down, I was frustrated, overly tired and so stressed about so many things. I felt the anxiety taking over and I started struggling with breathing. I laid down, counted to 10 and took very deep breaths so I could get my emotions under control.

5. Stress Gummies: Random right?! I was recommended these by a friend and I have loved them! When I feel stressed, anxious and overwhelmed, I pop in some of these gummies and it takes the edge off! There are two different kinds I have and use. Olly Goodbye Stress and Calm Gummies.

6. Learn what Triggers your Anxiety: Is it family? Work? Social settings? Or something else? Identify it, be aware, and take steps to help when you know you will be in those situations.

7. Talk to Someone: Tell someone when you are feeling overwhelmed. I know for myself when I am going through something hard, most people don't understand. Find a friend to talk to. Luckily my husband has been so great at helping me through some really hard times. Although I tend to shut down when i'm going through something, he gives me my space and supports me. Even if it's something he doesn't necessarily understand. Don't be afraid or ashamed to talk to a professional!

8. Accept your Anxiety: “If you really want to effectively manage your anxiety, the key is to accept it,” Tom Corboy said, (MFT, the founder and executive director of the OCD Center of Los Angeles). This might sound counterintuitive. But anxiety, “in and of itself,” isn’t the real problem. Instead, it’s our attempts at controlling and eliminating it, he said. “Not accepting these unwanted inner experiences is the actual source of so much of our self-induced suffering.” SO.. if you are experiencing anxiety, observe it. Think of it like a wave in the ocean!! Allow it to come in, experience it, and ride it out!

Anxiety can feel like chains around your feet. I have experienced the worst of it where my mind was in such a bad place I didn't know if I was going to survive. That is hard to say, but it's so easy to get into a deep dark place so fast. 

Hopefully by following and taking small steps like mentioned above, we can all minimize our anxiety and cope effectively! I hope this was helpful!! If you have anything additional to share I would LOVE to hear about it!! 


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