SeneGence Lipsense Review

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I am so excited to share this with you!! I am a lipstick addict and I HATE when my lipstick gets on my teeth, gets on my chin while I'm eating, or prevents me from smooching my husband or cute little baby!! When I found LipSense, I literally freaked out. I was sooooooo happy!! Now I want to share this with you!!

What is LipSense?

Unlike ordinary lipstick, stain or color, LipSense is a waterproof lipstick that does not smudge, smear, rub-off or kiss-off and can last up to 18 hours. With over 60 shades to choose from, buyers can also create their own color palettes by combining shades.

One application can last anywhere from 4-18 hours. Additionally, one tube is approximately 4 sticks of lipstick and can last for 6 months! There are over 60 colors to choose from, ranging from natural nudes to bright and fun colors. Basically, the options are endless!!

Furthermore, LipSense is a non-wax, liquid lip color that provides you with a natural shield from the elements. LipSense is created with naturally-recurring ingredients, formulated in compliance with FDA regulations and made in the USA.

As for company history, the SeneGence International company started in 1999 with just six shades of LipSense lipstick. It quickly grew and expanded its line into various cosmetics and skin care products sold around the globe. Says Joni Rogers-Kante, the driving force behind the company, “We offer products that really work and live up to their claims.” From eye creams to advance anti aging foundations and body care products, SeneGence offers products with 100% satisfaction.

How do I apply LipSense?

Once you’ve found and purchased your perfect color, what’s the application process like? First, make sure you have removed any product on your lips. Next, take the wand and with a swiping motion, swipe on the color in one direction so the LipSense can form a solid bond with your lip. Wait 5 to 10 seconds before applying another coat. You should apply 3 thin coats in all. When your color is dry, then apply the LipSense gloss, which will help protect your color and keep your lips moisturized all day. Don’t worry if you make a mistake, just use your Ooops! Lip Color remover to quickly get rid of blemishes.

How much is LipSense?

LipSense is initially sold as a starter kit for $55 or you can join my team and save $5 on your starter kit and make money! The starter kit includes: LipSense liquid lip color, moisturizing gloss and an Ooops! Lip Color remover.

Single LipSense colors are priced at $25.00, while LipSense glosses (Glossy Gloss, Matte Gloss & Opal Gloss) are $20.00 each.

Ooops! Lip Color remover is priced at $10.00. This is a great tool to have as a simple swipe will erase any application errors or remove your LipSense at the end of the day. Better yet, it works instantly with no rubbing!

If you have any questions or want more info email me at theredclosetdiary(at)

How can I buy LipSense?

To begin your LipSense journey, you’ll need to purchase the starter kit which comes with Ooops! Lip Color remover, one lipstick, and a LipSense gloss. The gloss is a must because it’s what seals in your lipstick, keeps your lipstick lasting for hours and above else, keeps your lips moisturized!

Become a purchaser today and you WILL end up loving this as much as me. You can also continue to be a customer or you can JOIN my KILLER team!!!

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My LipSense Review

As mentioned above, I am a big fan of Lipsense because of its long lasting, non smudging lipstick formula. Better yet, Lipsense treats your lips well, not leaving them chapped after a long day of wear. Did I mention it’s also Vegan (no animal emulsifiers or animal by-products), lead-free, artificial wax-free, gluten-free, non-GMO and Kosher.

But what’s really great about this product is the color combos I can create to match my personal and unique style! The colors offered can match whatever look I’m going for, from super girly to my on-the-go look.

About Me

I have been with SeneGence selling LipSense for about a year and I'm making over $10,000 per month (CRAZY!!) , I have built up an amazing team, I am getting A CAR PAID for and paid trips to the Bahamas, Cabo, and Costa Rica!!! It doesn't even seem real!! I was so against MLM's but this product is amazing. It isn't some get skinny quick product, it is amazing makeup that works!

If you have any questions about ordering or about the product please email me at theredclosetdiary(at) or message me on FB or IG!

Check out the LipSense photos of all the amazing colors below:

If you are interested or have any more questions please email me at theredclosetdiary(at) or message me on FB or IG ;)