Wednesday, July 18, 2018
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Blue Hair, Overtone, Mint Hair

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Dash, Baby Boy Nursery, Maternity Photoshoot

White Maternity Dress, Fashion Blogger, Baby Nursery Ideas

Utah Fashion Blogger, White Lace Dress, 34 Weeks Pregnant

White Dress, White Maternity Dress, Maternity Style

Baby Boy, Mint Hair, Lace Dress

Dress c/o: Sexy Mama Maternity || Makeup: The Red Closet Beauty || Photos: The High Pines

I never thought we would get to this point. 35 weeks in, 29 days left until I get induced. 

It's been a hard few weeks. If you follow me on social media you know anxiety has completely taken over my life for several reasons. I'm going to talk about this more later!

I am so grateful in so many ways and all at the same time so beyond terrified of what is to come. I see mama's do it EVERY DAY. Raise a toddler and a newborn. Or better yet, raise multiple toddlers and newborns. I'm scared of going through what I went through with Char. I'm scared that I won't be able to function and I won't be the best Mom I can be. I'm scared of so many things!

When I think about how life is going to drastically change in a short 30 days it also stirs up so much excitement. I'm excited to have a little baby boy. I'm excited to see Char become a big sister. I'm excited to feel like my family is complete and to be able to move onto the next stage in life. I'm excited to be HIS Mom! 

All the emotions topped with closing/moving issues have really taken me for a ride the last month. Some days I feel so low and beyond overwhelmed that I don't even recognize myself. Some days i'm so inside my own head that I can't even function. The joys of anxiety I tell ya! 

I have found some amazing ways to really help with my anxiety that I have been practicing over the last almost two years. I'm excited to share those things as well as other suggestions from other amazing ladies that were so kind to share! It's a lonely road but the thing is, NO ONE should be alone! 

Back to these pics... It took a lot of convincing of myself to do these photos. As I saw other ladies on Pinterest, Google and Instagram, I instantly compared myself. They don't have stretch marks, they look "perfect". And then I snapped out of it. Even more now than ever I feel a pull to share my insecurities and life on the internet. Why?! I can't tell you what it would have meant to me to see other women with stretch marks during my last pregnancy. To feel like I wasn't a freak show and my body was failing me. 6 years ago I would have died to know that I was dealing with anxiety and It wasn't that I was crazy or weird or even shy. Even if talking about these things only helps one person, that is time well spent. Like I said above, no one should ever feel or be alone. Everyone should have someone to reach out to! 

Now with all that being said... send all the good vibes, prayers, good juju our way! I would just LOVE to have all the house things figured out before the baby gets here. That would be a dream!! 

Hope you have a great rest of your week!! 


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