Thursday, April 14, 2016
Just Organic Juice, Juice Cleanse, Lose Weight

Juice Cleanse, How to juice cleanse while breastfeeding, Utah
Juice Cleanse, Just Organic Juice,

Juice cleanse in Utah, Utah Juice cleanse

Just Organic Juice Cleanse

just organic juice cleanse, just cleanse, how to juice cleanse while breastfeeding

Juice cleanse, Utah, Utah organic Juices

Juice Cleanse: Just Organic Juice (use code joj20 for 20% off) || Photos: The High Pines

Hey babes!

I am so excited to share this post with you! Since having Charly I have been DYING to do a juice cleanse. Before getting pregnant I did a juice cleanse every few months. There is just something about cleaning my body out and "resetting" it that makes me feel oh so amazing! 

I was told I couldn't do a juice cleanse because I am nursing and I was soooooo sad. After much thought and research I decided to modify the cleanse a little to fit my life, aka breastfeeding. The cleanse I decided to do is the Hard Boot Cleanse. This cleanse is designed to reboot your metabolism, fill your body with live enzymes, vitamins and minerals and shed some pounds! 

The cleanse comes with six juices a day and I did 4 days. To make sure I was getting enough calories and needed protein so that my supply wasn't affected I added three small protein "snacks" to my cleanse. My three proteins consisted of eggs, turkey and chicken. All very plain and simple. Just enough to help with my supply just in case!!

And my results are... drum roll...... I feel GREAT. Seriously. It was just the boost that I needed to help me start eating healthier and start working out. I was feeling so discouraged with my weight and was having a hard time even thinking about eating healthy or working out. From start to finish I lost 6 pounds! 

I have tried 4 different brands of juice cleanses. I chose Just Organic Juice this time because it is by far my favorite. I love the flavors, and it keeps me filling full! It was almost exactly a year that I did my last cleanse. You can read my review here!! 

Feeling good inside is just as important as feeling good inside! I would suggest doing a juice cleanse at least once or twice a year. You deserve it and your insides do too! ;) 

Just Organic Juice is located in Utah and does not currently ship, BUT, I am giving away a one day juice cleanse to anyone in the US on Instagram tonight so come and find me!!!


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