Wednesday, October 24, 2018
Mommy and Me, Twins

My outfit: Dress: Roolee || Cardigan c/o (similar): Pink Blush || Boots: Free People || Makeup: The Red Closet Beauty

Charly's outfit: Dress: Roolee || Cardigan: Target || Booties: Old Navy || Bow c/o: Little Poppy Co || Photos: Jordan Bree Photo 

Hey babes!! 

It's been a second since I have published anything on my blog, but since I get this question A LOT i'm going to chat about it here! 

Adjusting to has been HARD! Some days I feel like "I've got this" and some days I wonder "what did we do" Just being honest here. lol I'm so so in love with both of my kids but that doesn't make being a Mom any easier on the hard days! 

Here are some things that have helped me adjust to two kids:

1. Always accept help! I know I know, we want to be the perfect Pinterest Mom and we don't want anyone to think we need help. Because that would be weak right? WRONG. Accept help always!

2. Take care of you too! This one is hard, but I make this a priority. I am a better Mom and Wife times 100 if I take care of me. Mental health is a HUGE deal. If we do not put ourselves as a priority the rest of the family suffers too. This can be reading a book while your spouse parents. Working out for even just 30 minutes. Getting your toes and nails done. A bubble bath and Netflix. The list goes on and on! 

3. Include the oldest child! Char is very independent so luckily we have not had jealously issues or any trouble in that department but it's still very important to give them time too! Newborns are very time consuming and can take away from the oldest child who is used to all the attention. When I'm changing Dash's diaper I ask Charly to put it in the garbage and then I praise her and tell her she is such a helpful big sister. She has stepped into her role nicely as a big sister and I know it helps to include them and make them feel important, loved and big! Char LOVES being a big girl! 

4. Remember, It gets better! Keep this in your mind at all times. I KNOW there are days when you feel like it will never end. The fatigue takes over and you start feeling crazy. When you see your two kids interacting together it will make everything worth it. When Char kisses Dash on the head or sings to him... my heart feels like it might explode! 

5. Lower your expectations! You might forget to feed your toddler lunch, or stay in pj's for a week straight and even show up to all your appointments late. Oops. We got into a groove with one child and when another one comes that needs constant care, life changes drastically. DO NOT HAVE EXPECTATIONS. If you see Sally on Instagram going all the places, taking all the best photos and making it look like a breeze... just know that is all a lie. lol JK Not all of it ;) Long story short, do not expect anything. Go with the flow, do what you can handle, and as long as the kids are alive, you are doing AMAZING! 

6. Give yourself grace! You're not going to be the Mom you imagined or wanted to be. I will forever be a work in progress. I snap at Charly far too often, I get overwhelmed very easily and can't even function some days. Most days are great, but when you have those days where you yelled at your child and it feels like the world is ending, GIVE YOURSELF GRACE! You are going to mess up, you are going to yell sometimes, and that is OKAY! We are human and if we do something stupid it's a great learning and growing opportunity for our kids. Although Char doesn't understand everything, I have had to tell her "Sorry mommy got mad at you. I was frustrated and shouldn't have yelled about that. I love you". Kids are very forgiving and will love us despite our bad days. 

7. Get ready sometimes! This may not be everyone's cup of tea, but hear me out! I DO NOT get ready every day or even most days but something I have realized is that when I do get ready I feel SO MUCH better! Like leaps and bounds better! I feel more productive, I feel alive, I feel human and it makes me want to get stuff done! Maybe this doesn't' do the same to you, but when I stay in pj's all day with no makeup at all... I don't feel my best. 

8. Plan date night! This one is hard, but there is not a better feeling than being able to spend time with your significant other without distractions. We are just starting this because Dash is 2 months old and we feel more comfortable going out for a few hours! Remember that before you were a Mom you were a wife and that is one of the most important relationships in your life! 

9. Find an activity for your oldest child! We put Char in pre pre-school at 2 years old! It has been SO GOOD for her!! Not only is she learning so much, but its giving her some interaction with other children and getting her out of the house for a few hours while I work or spend time with the baby or get house work done. Those few hours in the morning are life saving for me! 

10. Delegate! If you are feeling overwhelmed or starting to feel that funk coming on, ask for help. Delegate things you don't need to be doing. If you can hire a house cleaner to come and do the deep cleaning 2 times a month. Have someone bring you meals over. Drop off your oldest at the neighbors for a few hours. Being a Mom is HARD and there is no reason you should feel like you have to do it all. If you are capable and that makes you happy, more power to you!! I have delegated a few things that have made my life so much better. When my house is clean i'm less stressed which allows me to spend more time with my family! 

I hope these were helpful!! Just remember you are doing an amazing job!


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