Sunday, September 16, 2018

I have been DYING to share these, but in all honesty it's been a crazy month!! Lot's of tears (from us both) and not a lot of time to get stuff done. We are making major progress with sleep and helping with his silent reflux!!

This week we have three chiropractor appointments and a dentist appointment to get his tie(s) taken care of! I am very hopeful that there is an end in site here!! It's been a long 4 weeks. I love this little dude so much, but it's never fun to deal with a screaming baby.

Right now we are sleeping 7-8 hours with one feeding right in the middle. We have a routine down that I really do think has helped!!

1. His last feeding is usually around 12am-1am. I put him in his Magic Sleep Suit and prop him up on his Dock-A-Tot under a pillow so he isn't sleeping flat. He usually wakes up around 4am-6am to eat and then I burp him and put him in the Mamaroo for the remainder of the night. He usually sleeps a good 2-4 more hours at that point.

I have tried several things up until this point and THIS is what finally sealed the deal. I honestly believe the Magic Sleep Suit was what finally helped him take that plunge for the longer sleep. I'm so glad we were introduced!! The sleep suit is a transition piece for when the newborn stops being swaddled. Dash won't do the swaddle and Char wouldn't either so using these sleep suits a little early has been the only thing to help!

If you are in Utah, check out Jessie Oberg Photography. She did an incredible job and we love how our newborn photos turned out!! 


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