Wednesday, March 21, 2018
Pregnant outfit, Blue Hair, LipSense

Fur Jacket, Gucci Crossbody, Blue Hair

ASOS, Maternity Leggings

Pregnancy Style, Pregnant Outfit, Striped Leggings

Black heels, 18 weeks pregnant

Pregnant Girl Style, Winter Outfit, Business Casual

Overtone, Blue Hair, Pink Purse

Jacket: SheIn || Leggings: ASOS || Purse: Gucci || Heels (same style, different color): ASOS || LipSense & Makeup: The Red Closet Beauty || Photos: Jordan Bree Photography

Heyyy heyyyy!!!

Anyone else really confused by this weather?! We were spoiled with nice weather here in Utah and then just NOW does it decide to start snowing, raining and dropping down to 30 degree temps. I am so ready for some spring temps, flowers, and sunshine!!

This week Saunder and I felt the baby for the first time!! We got a few little tiny kicks but haven't felt much since. It's probably one of my most favorite parts about being pregnant is to feel that life inside!!

I am doing great, I have energy most of the time, and it has been a great 2nd trimester so far!! I have been major slacking on working out and although I have been avoiding sugar the carbs are killing me!! Most days most things don't sound good, but a sandwich always sounds good. It's so hard to stay healthy when pregnant! 

This pregnancy has kind of gone slow for me but I also think it's because there are a million other things going on. When life is crazy, it's crazzzyyy. Everything all lands at one time. Life couldn't be better, but man am I excited to be moved into our house and to have a few less things to worry about!! 

Today I thought it would be fun to get a little more dressed up, business attire style. My spin on that of course!! The black really hides the bump (not my intention), but that just goes to show how awesome black is. It's so slimming!! 

I hope you have a great weekend!! 

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