Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Where did the weekend go?!

I now dread the weeks because I don't get to sleep in like I used to. Dropping Charly off at pre-school has kicked my butt the last two months. Luckily, I can come home and go back to bed. It's the worst not getting anything done until 11am but when you're pregnant and tired, sleep trumps everything else!


Putting Char in pre-school has been so great!! She has so much fun, she is learning, and she gets to interact with other kids and learn how to be in that kind of learning/structured environment early! I have had a lot of questions about my thoughts on putting her in school as young as she is and it's been amazing!!! There is not one negative thing about it (besides my selfish sleep lol)

Do I have to sacrifice sleep? Yes. Money? Yes. Time with her? Yes. Does it mess up the awesome schedule we had before? Yes.

BUT, I will say over and over again that it's worth it!


In our experience, pre-school is a great way to expose Charly to numbers, letters, shapes and best of all, group settings. She is not only making new friends but is learning how to be respectful, shares, explore, play and how to do simple tasks on her own.

For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about. Charly is 2 (as of December) and she started a pre-school program February1st through Montessori! This is only our second month! She goes from 8:30-11:30 so it's not an all day thing and I know there are even other schedules available too, but this one has worked great even though we all had to adjust schedules!

We picked Montessori because of the great things we heard about it from friends! They have an awesome curriculum, even for the two-year-olds, and even though she is just two she knows so much! She is talking so well, she is sharing better, and I know Montessori plays a big role in that! And all of this is a major plus as it prepares her for kindergarten! In fact, many kindergarten teachers have observed that students who have previously attended pre-school are more ready to learn, have good behavior-management skills, and social skills.

Every morning when I wake her up around 7:30 she pops up and says "pre-school". She looks forward to going every day and that makes it even better!!

I believe Montessori schools are all over the country and we highly recommend them for any age! We plan on keeping her there until she goes to Kindergarten and then possibly even going to a private school, but that is a long ways away so we will see what happens in the meantime!


If you’re continually asking yourself, “should my child go to pre-school?” then it doesn’t hurt to do some research. Some experts suggest that if you live in a more competitive area (e.g. larger cities) then you should start researching at least a year before and start applying to pre-schools when you find a good curriculum.

In addition to scouring the internet, talk to friends, parents and family members to see what they did and their experience with a two-year-old pre-school program. Obviously, you know your situation the best, so work to find a pre-school that works for your family and for your little one.

Well, have a great Monday!!! 


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