Keeping it Casual

Friday, June 22, 2012

Shirt: Wet Seal, Denim Shirt: Cotton on, Pants: GAP, Shoes: Pac Sun

Have any of you heard the term KISS?? I am not talking about lips to lips kiss, unfortunately. I am talking about the acronym KISS. It stands for.... Keep It Simple Stupid.
I learned this term in sports and in school. But hey, it applies to us fashionistas too! We all know that those fancy shmancy fashion bloggers don't always walk around in their high heels and designer clothing. I'm not afraid to show you my dress down look. Here it is. I just love some colored skinnies, a tshirt and some flats. Making casual cute really isn't hard. And guess what else?? Its a no makeup summer. Being tan has its perks sometimes. I apologize now and I will let you know that no I am not sick and no I am not tired. Summer 2012 is make-up free (okay, maybe a little bit of mascara). But seriously, try it out, its great! :)

Just keep it simple. All of it. Easy.