Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cardi/Shoes: Target || Shirt/Pants: Styles For Less

This is my friend, aka my child. His name is Stache (due to his crazy hair that grows everywhere, including his funny mustache)  I've been neglectful lately and obviously he hasn't got a haircut. He has some crazy hairs. Crazy. He is a mix of everything so he may look like a little rat but I just LOVE him. I used to make fun of peeps who dressed up their dogs, or who got all emotional when they went missing because I thought it was just an animal who cares.. but now I see. I would die if anything ever happened to him. I love his personality and everything about him. 

Back to fashion.... :)
I definitely wore this outfit yesterday and guess what.... 90 degrees and a cardigan + jeans = hot sweaty mess. Seriously people. Hot sweaty mess. I keep thinking I will wake up and fall weather will be here. So I dress fall-ish, walk outside and regret my outfit choice almost instantly and still wear it! Oh silly me. Guess what? The weekend is almost here. Excited? I am. Plans in the making.