Wednesday, September 21, 2011
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blazer, skinny jeans

feather earings, floral top, blue cardigan

red flats

Cardigan: Thrifted || Shirt: Ross || Pants/Earrings: Styles For Less ||  Necklace: H&M || Shoes: Payless

Ever since I stopped having time to work out and instead just eat fast food every meal, my pants are extra tight if ya can't tell... on the plus side my bootay looks pretty dang good. Hubs says I'm not getting fat, just fluffy. So great right?! Oh good times. Baggy shirts are a great option when I'm having more than normal fluffy days. This cardi is pretty awesome because I got it for 4 dollas at the thrift store and altered it a little. I am totally doing blues again today. Love it.

I usually don't like asking for hair opinions buttttttt I just don't know what to do.. my hairs are kinda plain. Fashion is my thang that I love, but hair is frustrating to me. So changes are to come. I like funky so if anyone has awesome suggestions please feel free to throw them out there!! 
Today is the day. Test day. Wish me luck. Time to get myself graduated (well make progress towards)..mmmhmmm.