Thursday, August 18, 2011
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Silver Heels, Flower Heels

Cream Blazer, Floral Skirt

White handbag

Blazer: Lauren Conrad - Kohls || Shirt: Ross || Skirt: F21 || Shoes: Kohls || Necklace: Simply Vera Wang - Kohls || Jewelry: F21/Styles For Less/ Thrifted || Handbag: Thrifted || Photographer: Deone Thornton Photography

Day 3 of working on the house (yesterday). Wednesday was a LONG day, but on the bright side no blood was shed! Fantastic! I went to the house at 11am and left at midnight. Hubs and I left the house to get more paintbrushes and food one time but that was it! We painted the whole time. Geesh!!! The whole downstairs is almost finished as far as painting goes. Now the wood can go in! Yipee!!

So this morning I got to our house and was by myself. I was painting one of the walls just minding my own business and rocking out to my iPod when I saw a man in my back yard. I'm not going to lie, I almost peed my pants a little. SCARY stranger danger!!! After I picked up my heart or stomach or whatever dropped to the floor from that moment of being soooo scared I got brave and looked outside again. GUESS WHAT??!! I wish I could say something cool happened but he was mowing my lawn. So two awesome things came out of this story. I get my back yard mowed when I thought they only mowed the front, and I did not get murdered by the man in my back yard. Life is good.
My project I will be working on all day today (Thursday) is building my puppy an apartment. Make fun of me all you want but I am sooo excited! We have an awesome closet on the first level that is perfect. We took the door off and I'm going to paint it and decorate it so he can have his own little pad. Once we are settled in for a while I might just buy him a little girlfriend to live in his pad with him. Ahhhh cuuute!

okay that's all for now. Wish me luck! I hope my creative juices are flowing tomorrow!


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