Saturday, August 20, 2011
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Floral top

white top

brown sandals

blue skirt

Utah fashion blogger

Shirt: Styles For Less || Skirt: TJMaxx || Shoes/Belt/White under shirt: F21 || Photographer: Deone Thornton Photography

Funny story about this skirt... so as most of you know I'm a tall girl. I have loved the long skirt trend going on but I just can not find skirts long enough to fit my long six foot tall body. So I found this skirt, and as you can see where most girls would fold it over, I couldn't. Regardless, if I don't fold it and I ride it a little bit low it actually fits!! Yay!! Those skirts are not only cute, but so comfortable. I recommend trying them out. They look fantastic on girls who aren't as tall as I am so go ahead and try it!! And make me a little jealous!

Anyways... I thought it would be fun to get to know me a little bit (for those of you who don't). For those of you who know me, sorry. I found this on another blog and I thought it was a fun idea. So now you can all know every thing about me and my life. Lucky you! Here we go...

A. age :: twenty.four - as of 4 days ago!!!

B. bed size :: king.

C. chore you hate :: dishes. Definitely dishes.

D. dogs :: Stache. Love him.

E. essential start to your day :: listening to tunes on my way to work/school/wherever

F. favorite color :: black (it’s a color) and coral (recently) and just them all. I love colors. They are pretty.

G. gold or silver :: gold.

H. height :: six.foot

I. instruments you play :: used to play violin. Wish I still did. Dang.

J. job title :: assistant manager, blogger, wife (it’s a job)

K. kids :: Heck to the no. Maybe in the very far future. Maybe.

L. live ::
St. George, Utah!

M. maiden name :: Thornton

N. nicknames :: jay, jay baby, jay bird

O. overnight hospital stays :: never. Lucky duck (knock on wood)!

P. pet peeve :: late people. People with super short tempers.

Q. quote ::
Most of the time I would say something inspirational. If any of you know me and my personality I enjoy something funny a little more sometimes. Laughter can cure any bad mood. True story. Me and Hubs are obsessed with The Office. So the last quote I heard that I just died of laughter was when Michael says, "The Extreme Home Makeover show can come in and re-do a house in one hour. If you guys were on their crew, you would be fired like that" ok, so funny right? I wish I had someone in my life like that. There would be laughter for days I tell ya!

R. righty or lefty :: right

S. siblings :: two younger brothers, two younger sisters

T. time you wake up :: usually 8 to 9ish.

U. university attended :: UVU, Dixie State College,
University of Arkansas at Monticello

V. vegetables you dislike: peppers. yuck

W. what makes you run late :: hubs or outfit drama

X. x-rays you’ve had :: MRI for knee (not fun, that machine is scary and makes me claustrophobic), ankle, both thumbs, chest.

Y. yummy food :: anything greasy sigh… I love pretty much everything.

Z. zoo animal favorite :: zebras, giraffes and huge gorillas. They amaze me.

 So that is me. Thanks for hanging in there. If you made it all the way I have just one last reminder..
I will be drawing the contest winner of the shoulder bag Sunday night and announcing the winner at 9am on Monday morning. Make sure you scroll on down a few posts and enter!!