Saturday, July 23, 2011
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Fringe Top, Black and White top

Black Belt, Utah fashion

Blue jeans, Black Wedges, Buckle Wedges, Vera Wang

Small Belt, Fringe top

Headband (first pic): Made by Brooklyn (sister-in-law) || Shirt: H&M || Pants: Styles For Less || Shoes: Vera Wang at Kohls || Photography: Deone Thornton Photography

I LOVE the fringe look that is going around right now. Fringe on shirts, scarves, boots, vests, or anything for that matter! Its so much fun. The only downside is getting caught on EVERYTHING (at least this shirt does). Those little fringe things have a mind of their own!
The wedges are in now too which I'm so happy about. They are sooooo much more comfortable than heels. I don't wear these ones too much because It makes me 6'4 at least. I look like a monster. I usually wear them on date night or some event I know I won't be walking too much.
To complete an outfit you gotta have your jeans. Your favorite pair of jeans. These jeans are officially my favorite pair. They are long, comfortable, stretchy and not too stiff and thick. I spend way too much buying Rock & Republic and True Religion jeans when I wear these ones almost everyday. Oops. At least I know now!

Enjoy your weekend!