Thursday, July 21, 2011
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Blue Blazer, Striped Dress

Libby Bag, Grey bag

Blue Wedges, Grey Leggins

Dress: H&M || Blazer: Thrifted || Leggings: F21 || Shoes: Steve Madden from Ross || Bag: Libby Bag by Kelly Moore || Accesories: Styles For Less/Argento/GenX || Photographer: Deone Thornton Photography

Just kidding, I don't really have the blues. Just the fashion blues, in a good way. I had fun putting this outfit together and I actually have this same dress but in floral (which will be coming in a shoot soon I'm sure). I love the summery colors! I have been searching for an outfit to wear these shoes with and for some strange reason it has been hard. It could be partly because these shoes make me seven feet tall. Who knows. 
This wouldn't be my first choice for a summer outfit right now.. when we were taking these pictures it was 100+ degrees and I was dyiiinnngg of heat. Dying. 
I will say I am really excited for fall to come. Layering is what I do best and its just too stinkin' hot to layer right now. I think this might be a new challenge for me.