Monday, July 25, 2011
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Black Skirt, Green top

Knee Length Boots, Brown Boots

Jean Vest, Green top, Case Necklace

Shirt: Styles For Less || Vest: F21 || Skirt: Target || Boots: Thrifted || Jewelry: Claires/F21/Thrifted || Photography: Deone Thornton Photography

I have to say I'm soooo excited about these boots. I never find shoes when I go thrift shopping. These ones are a half size to small but I HAD to have them. For $5 dollars who cares right?! I will make them fit. A friend told me something that her Aunt told her (got that??) that I wanted to share. She said something like... summer is comfortable and winter is fashion.
I couldn't agree more! The layering and jeans are no match for the summer weather. Summer brings no school and fun summer activities, but winter brings fashion. BRING ON WINTER!! haha but really... I can be patient I guess. I'm not in a huge hurry to start my most stressful semester of my life. I'm in the process of closing on a new town home my hubs and I just purchased, so summer has to last longer. I don't think I can do house things, school, work and blog.
Hubs and I are also going to start doing some DIY furniture activities and I will be blogging those on here. Fashion doesn't only apply to our clothing ya know!
Sorry for the randomness. It happens. Happy Monday everyone!