Become a LipSense Distributor: My Journey

Become a LipSense Distributor

Hey babes!!

I am so excited to share this with you!! I am a lipstick addict and I HATE when my lipstick gets on my teeth, gets on my chin while I'm eating, or prevents me from smooching my husband or cute little baby!! When I found LipSense, I literally freaked out. I was sooooooo happy!! Now I want to share this product with the world!!

What is LipSense? My Review

Unlike ordinary lipsticks of 2018, that stain or color, LipSense is a waterproof lipstick that does not smudge, smear, rub-off or kiss-off and can last up to 18 hours. With over 36 shades to choose from, buyers can also create their own color palettes by combining shades.

One application can last anywhere from 4-18 hours. Additionally, one tube is approximately 4 sticks of lipstick and can last for 6 months! There are over 36 (and counting) colors to choose from, ranging from natural nudes to bright and fun colors. Basically, the options are endless!!

Furthermore, it is a non-wax, liquid lipstick lip color that provides you with a natural shield from the elements. With the LipSense gloss, it also helps prevent chapped lips that you may get from all day wear. It is created with naturally-recurring ingredients, formulated in compliance with FDA regulations and made in the USA.

All LipSense product formulations include:
No Animal Testing (we test on us!)
Made in the United States for stringent quality control
Made in ‘Pharmaceutical Grade’ rated manufacturing facility
All products formulated with FDA approved ingredients
No animal by-products (we use alternative sources)
Use of naturally reoccurring natural ingredients
No wax or lead
Gluten and GMO-free (most products)

How do I apply to LipSense?

Once you’ve found and purchased your perfect lip color, what’s the application process like? First, make sure you have removed any product on your lips. Next, take the LipSense wand and with a swiping motion, swipe on the color in one direction so the lipsticks can form a solid bond with your lip. Wait for 5 to 10 seconds before applying another coat. You should apply 3 thin coats in all. When your color is dry, then apply the gloss, which will help protect your color and keep your lips moisturized all day. Don’t worry if you make a mistake, just use your Ooops! Lip Color remover to quickly get rid of blemishes. Also, be sure to carry around the gloss with you throughout the day to re-apply and help eliminated chapped lips.

To read more about how to apply LipSense and how to get your lipstick to last up to 18 hours, click here!

How do I remove LipSense at the end of the day?

The longer you wear your LipSense color during the day, the easier it will be to take off. Each starter kit (discussed below) come with a Lip Color Remover. Another great and easy way to remove it is by putting a little coconut oil on your lips and wipe/gently scrub off with a washcloth.

So, if possible, try to plan on wearing your shade for 4-6+ hours.

How much is LipSense?

LipSense is initially sold as a starter kit for $55 or you can join my team for the SAME PRICE ($55) and start getting a discount as well as making money!

The starter kit includes: LipSense liquid lip color, moisturizing gloss and an Ooops! Lip Color remover.

Single LipSense colors are priced at $25.00, while LipSense glosses are $20.00 each.

Ooops! LipSense Lip Color remover is priced at $10.00. This is a great tool to have as a simple swipe will erase any application errors or remove it at the end of the day. Better yet, it works instantly with no rubbing!

If you have any questions or want more info email me at theredclosetdiary(at)

How can I buy LipSense?

It’s easy to purchase LipSense, as you can connect with a distributor (me) to order product at retail (either in person or online).

To begin your journey, you’ll need to purchase the Lipsense starter kit which comes with Ooops! Lip Color remover, one lipstick, and a LipSense gloss. The gloss is a must because it’s what seals in your lipstick, keeps your lipstick lasting for hours and above else, keeps your lips moisturized!

Become a purchaser today and you WILL end up loving this as much as me. You can also continue to be a customer or you can JOIN my KILLER team!!!

Click HERE
Click Shop Now
On the left-hand side click the Lips dropdown.
Click Lipsense Collections if you need a starter kit or click Lipsense if you need more colors.

About Me: What being a LipSense distributor has done for me

I have been a LipSense distributor selling for about a year and a half. I have built up an amazing team and business, which has allowed me to earn a car allowance, and I have also earned trips to the Bahamas, Cabo, Disney World and Costa Rica!!! All because of LipSense!!! It doesn't even seem real!! I was so against multi-level marketing (MLM's) but this product is amazing. It isn't some get skinny quick product, it is amazing makeup/skincare that REALLY works (check out my skin if you don't believe me)! ;)

Furthermore, becoming a LipSense distributor has given my family peace of mind and the ability to prepare for the future. It all started when my friend Corissa contacted me about trying this product called LipSense. Before she reached out, I was very dissatisfied with direct sales companies. As a fashion blogger, I was contacted by these people all day long. However, within minutes of trying on my first color, I fell in love! After posting about LipSense on Instagram and on my blog, I immediately saw potential with the product. After doing some initial research, I saw how it was a great product and a great company that really cares about what ingredients go into their products. After fighting against direct sales for so long, I knew becoming a LipSense distributor was something I wanted to pursue. Although I had to convince my hubby, I jumped in with both feet and never looked back! This company has not only impacted myself, but I’ve been able to help many of the women on my team become rockin’ girl bosses. Read more about my story and the impact LipSense has had for me and my family here.

How to become a LipSense distributor

Love makeup? Love the product? Interested in becoming a LipSense distributor in 2018? Like I’ve said, I love being part of the SeneGence distributor family because it’s a product I believe in and it’s something I can do while being a full time mom to Charly. Plus, I’ve been able to meet inspiring women who I now call my friends.

Signing up as a LipSense distributor is easy and has benefits. Instantly, you can begin purchasing SeneGence products with a 20%-50% discount, all depending on how much you spend. You can either just get product for yourself or you can become a distributor! From there comes your chance to earn rewards, from trips to new car allowance. SeneGence's compensation plan is great but most important, it is fair. Plus, when you’ve become a SeneGence distributor, you have the freedom to set your own work schedule, be your own manager and live your life like you want to—all the flexibility included. So, what are you waiting for, click here to start your career as a LipSense distributor and get instant discounts today!

Join a driven team and business!
Set your own schedule, be your own boss and live your life–on your terms. Did you know that The Red Closet Lips is one of LipSense’s fastest growing teams? I am confident in my training methods and I am ready to help you change your life. When you join SeneGence and my team, you’ll be personally mentored by me, as I offer helpful team pages that provide trainings and collaboration with other team members.
I have worked my butt off to get to where I’m at today! If you’re ready to own your own business, work hard and be a part of one of the fastest growing teams, contact me today and LET’S GROW TOGETHER!

If you have any questions about ordering or about becoming a LipSense distributor in 2018 please email me at theredclosetdiary(at) or message me through social media on FB or IG!

Check out the photos of all the amazing LipSense lipstick colors below:

Lipsense Lip Colors

Lipsense Lip Glosses

If you are interested or have any more questions please email me at theredclosetdiary(at) or message me on FB or IG ;)

***Not everyone earns these rewards. Any distributor has the opportunity to earn these rewards, but it does come with hard work! SeneGence does not guarantee any level of income from the distributor opportunity. Each distributor's success depends on her/his own efforts, diligence, & skill***



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  1. This young woman is one of the best if not the best at what she does! I am on her team and proud to be part of SeneGence! Join and connect with the best!!

  2. I think along with all the accolades you mentioned about Lipsense not smearing or wearing off etc etc., was that it does PEEL off within an hour or so and even when wearing a few layers of the clear moisture gloss that came w/my kit!!
    I love the colours,texture & consept & of Lipsense, & would love to order a dozen of them! However, the strong chemical taste/odour & peeling,does not justify the high co$t of your product,imho! Susiestayinstyle
    Sorry Jaylynn­čś»

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