Tuesday, June 26, 2018
Modern Home, Industrial Home, Modern Utah Home

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Modern Landscaping, Modern Home

Industrial Front Door, Modern Front Door

Tree, Modern Landscaping, Modern Tree

Modern Home Details

Modern House, Utah Home Builder

Industrial Home Design

Modern House Numbers

Modern House Details

Modern Home Entry Way, Modern Front door, Industrial Front Door

Modern Deck Furniture, Deck Ideas

Outdoor Modern Furniture, Deck Furniture

Deck Seating, Modern Furniture

Black Poufs - To The Trade Palecek
Day Bed  - To The Trade Noir
Planters - Terrain

Hey friends!!!! 

I'm so excited to share our house with you!!! FINALLY, I know!! 

This has been a crazy process. If you have built a home you know, it's never easy. Things don't always go as expected, and there will ALWAYS be things you wish you did differently. With that being said we are so happy with how the house turned out (still a few more rooms to finish and share, but that will come soon). We LOVE our house and we are so anxious to move in within the next few weeks!! Eeeek!!! 

There are a LOT of pics so i'm splitting them up by level! Today i'm sharing our main level with you!!! I will share sources of everything after each room! 

A little background...

Saunder and I have very similar taste so creating this home and meshing out styles together was easy! We both love clean design, modern, industrial and lots of light!! From the get-go we decided that I would have the most say on the main level, and the top level. Then, he would get the most say on our basement! 

Now that you have seen the outside of the house, let's share the inside!!! 

Entry Way, Industrial Entry Way, Modern Door

Modern Entry Art, Entry Way Art

Glass Staircase, Industrial Staircase, Wood Stairs

Glass Staircase, Wood Stairs, Modern Staircase Runners

Industrial Staircase, Glass Staircase, Utah home Design

Metal Doors (custom made)
Metal and glass stairs (custom made)

Leather Bench (custom made Matt’s Custom Upholstery)
Framed stone geodes - To The Trade
Ceiling light - To The Trade Arteriors

When we saw a glass stair case on Pinterest, we were dead set on it. It ended up much different than originally planned due to crazy costs and design, but we LOVE how it turned out! It tied in the industrial we were hoping for and despite everyone telling us not to do it (kids and fingerprints) we are so happy we did! 

Black Office, Manly Office

Masculine Office, Men's Office

Office TV, Masculine Office Desk

Masculine Lamp, Men's Lamp

Men's Decor, Office Decor

Masculine Office Art

Wood Office Desk, Masculine Office Ideas

Men's Office Ideas

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Masculine Bookshelf

Masculine Bookshelf Ideas, Masculine Office, Modern Office


Wall Paint Color Farrow and Ball Railings

Book Cases - Restoration Hardware
White Books - Restoration Hardware
Head statues - To The Trade
Clock - Rejuventation
Canisters - To The Trade
Black and Gold Geometric Accents (on shelf) - To The Trade
Black Marble Oblong Tray - Anthropologie
Beatles art - To The Trade
Car art - To The Trade
Desk (custom made Millworks Woodworking)
Desk lamp - To The Trade Noir
Desk hand bowl - To The Trade Goods
Accent Chairs - To The Trade 4 Hands
Pillows - To The Trade

Family Room, Modern Family Room

Modern Family Room Rug, Modern Family Room Furniture

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Modern Couch, Neutral Couch, Family Room couch

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Neutral Family Room, Black and White Family Room

Built in Book Shelf

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Modern Furniture, Grey Modern Chair

Pillow Design, Modern Pillows

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Area Rug - Crate & Barrel
Sectional (custom via Craftsman Upholstery & similar here)
Three Leg Side Table - (similar here & here)
Acrylic Floor Lamp - (similar here)
Acrylic Side Chair - (similar here & here)
Hand chair - (similar here)
Coffee Table - Houzz
White Geometric Statues - Ballard Designs (similar here)
Black Stone Bowl  - (similar here)
Black Metal People - (similar here)
Brass Vase - (similar here)
White Beads - Etsy
Black Candle Sticks -  CB2
All Pillows and Throws - (custom made)
Tree Pot - To The Trade
Tree - Cactus and Tropics
Fireplace Surround (custom limestone)
Fireplace Insert  (Alpine Fireplaces)
Books - Amazon

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Cabinet hardware (custom made)
Counters - Super White Quartzite
Faucet kohler

Chairs (custom made Matt’s Custom Upholstery)

Butlers Pantry, Modern Pantry, Pantry Ideas

Open Kitchen Shelving, Butlers Pantry

Open Shelving Designs, White Pantry

White Backsplash, Wood Cabinets, Modern Pantry

Wood Kitchen Details, Modern Butlers Pantry

Butlers Pantry Design

Cabinets s.w. Snowbound w/ custom stain on fronts
Tall cabinet hardware rejuvenation
Ceiling lights circa lighting
Floor runner cb2
Copper sink Rohl
Green Glasses - Bespoke Post Home
Framed Figure Art - To The Trade
Subway Tile - Quartzite Through Old World Stone

Mud Room, Modern Mud Room, Mud Room Ideas

Cabinet Hardware - Rejuvenation
Ceiling Lights CB2
Pillows (custom made)

Powder Room, White Powder Room Sink

Modern Bathroom, Bathroom Wallpaper, Modern Powder Room

Wallpaper - Schumacher
Sink (custom made w/ s.w. Snowbound paint finish)
Pendant - Circa Lighting
Mirror (custom made but there’s a replica at Target ;)

Wood Design, Master Bedroom Ideas, Modern Master Bedroom

Modern Headboard, Modern Bed, Master Bedroom Design

Master Bedroom Design, Modern Wood Dresser

Modern Master Bedroom Details

Modern Master Bedroom Ideas, White Bed

Modern Bedroom Details, Bedroom Design

Chaise Lounge (custom made Matt’s Custom Upholstery)
Set of White Side Concrete Tables - To The Trade 4 Hands
Tree - Cactus and Tropics
White nightstand - To The Trade Noir
Dark nightstand - To The Trade
Table Lamps - Circa Lighting
Bed (custom made Craftsman Upholstery)
Ceiling Light - To The Trade Arteriors
Brass Table Clock - To The Trade
Bed Lumbar Pillow (custom made)
Wool Area Rug - Houzz

Modern Bathtub, Master Bathroom, Grey Pouf

Modern Bathroom, Bathroom Design

Modern Bathroom Sink, Gold Bathroom accessories

Master Bathroom Bathtub, Modern Bathtub

Master Shower, Modern Shower

Modern Bathroom, Blue Cabinets

Vanity Color Farrow and Ball railings
White Quartz Counters
Sink lights  - To The Trade arteriors
Stone Tub - Standard Plumbing
Polished Marble Walls and Shower Walls
Floor Tile Matte White Ceramic - Old World Stone
Shower Herringbone Tile Black Subway - Old World Stone
Shower Floor Tile Black Marble Hex - Old World Stone

Vanity, Fur Pouf, Leopard Print Carpet

Master Closet, Modern Closet Design

Master Closet, White Master Closet, Leopard Carpet

Vanity Closet Design

Vanity Design, Fashion Blogger Closet

Shoe Shelf, Master closet Shoes

Pink Chair (custom made)
All Vanity Accessories  - To The Trade
Carpet Wool Option - Old World Stone
Closets - Classey Closets

All photos: Travis J Photography

Once we are all moved in I will be sharing more pics of my closet and other rooms that we still need to work on finishing!! I'm excited to have space and to have a place to put the new baby!!

And if you want to find out how we built this house by working from home, you can check out more HERE!!! ;)


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