Sunday, August 26, 2018

Hospital Bag, Floral Robe, Teal Hair

Maternity Robe, Pink Blush Maternity, LipSense

Hospital Bag Must haves, Utah Fashion Blogger

Roseberry LipSense, Hospital Bag

Packing for the hospital, Floral Robe, Diaper Bag

Robe c/o: Pink Blush Maternity || Diaper Bag: Freshly Picked || Photos: The High Pines

Hey babes!!! 

After lots of requests I am sharing what I packed in my hospital bag and what I used! I did do a little over packing but i'm glad I did! Sometimes it's better to overpack and be prepared then to not have enough! Here is what I packed:

Maternity Robe - After giving birth and we were settled I changed into my robe. BEST decision ever. It was easier to nurse in and to get on and off when going to the bathroom! I wore my robe after birth right up to leaving the hospital! Comfort for me is huge and this helped so much! 

Diaper Bag - I brought my diaper bag to use as my hospital bag. There was plenty of room in there and I love the backpack features and all the pockets! 

External Phone Battery - This battery is the BEST! It charges your phone fully 5-7 times. There wasn't a convenient plug near us so we (me and my husband) used the battery to charge our phones the entire two days! Worth EVERY penny!! I always keep one in my bag for emergencies!

Lip Balm - This stuff is amazing all the time. I am one who can't stand dry lips! This stuff is top of the line lip balm and the reason I have plump juicy lips! ;) 

Pillow & Blanket - This is a must have!! Hospital pillows and sheets are pretty cheap and uncomfortable. I slept great in the hospital and I was very comfortable having my stuff there to cuddle up in!!! 

Belly Band - I am a huge fan of belly bands! These sometimes have a bad rep, but let me tell you the amazing benefits!! It's not just to "get skinny again".  1. It offers support. After giving birth your belly will feel a bit squishy, with a little (or a lot) of loose skin. This support made a world of difference for me. I felt like I was able to move around and sit up much easier! 2. It helps shape your body. Some experts say that wearing a belly band your abs will receive a gentle compression. It also may help the uterus return to it's normal size quicker! 3. It helps to relieve postpartum pain. Many women experience back pain, pelvic pain, and even pain caused by diastasis recti. A belly band/wrap will support your ab region and can relieve pain. 

Nipple Balm - The hospital will provide you with some of this BUT, I prefer this kind MUCH MUCH MORE!!! I notice a huge difference when using the balm I like! It's also organic which I feel more comfortable using while breastfeeding! 

Kaftan - This is what I wore to the hospital and wore home! Easy to slip on, breastfeeding friendly and the comfiest dress ever!! 

Maternity Bra - Nothing much to say about this, but if you are nursing you will definitely going to want a comfy maternity bra!! I LOVE this one!! 

Toiletries - Toothbrush, toothpaste etc.. I didn't take a shower at the hospital this birth or last, I preferred to do it at home so all the toiletries I brought was my skincare, deodorant and my toothbrush!! 

Swaddle - I hate the hospital swaddle blankets. If I was a baby I would not want to be snuggled in that haha This swaddle is the softesttttttt ever! We used it as a swaddle and also as a blanket when it was time to go home! 

Coming Home Baby Outfit - For this anything will do! You can go cute or as simple as a onesie! For us we just went with a white onesie and then put blankets over him to keep him warm in his carseat. 

I hope this was helpful!!! 

If you are having a baby soon, GOOD LUCK!!! I am always so amazed at the things us mamas go through to get these little ones here!! I wouldn't have it any other way, but I do have to say mamas are bad a$$ for reals!!! 


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