Sunday, April 22, 2018
Mint Hair, Blue Boots, SeneGence Distributor

Blue Lip Print Boots, Royal Blue, Michael Kors Backback

Mint Hair, Blue Hair, Maternity Outfit

Pregnant Dress, Pregnant Style, 22 Weeks Pregnant

Blue Accessories, Lip Print, LipSense

Pregnant Style, Black Dress, Blue Backpack, SeneGence Distributor

Dress: ASOS || Booties: Zara || Backpack: Michael Kors || Makeup + LipSense: The Red Closet Beauty || Photos: The High Pines

It has been way too long!! This last week and a half has been so crazy busy!!

This week on Wednesday I leave to Oklahoma for my company's annual conference! This year is a little more stressful than most for a few reasons!! This year I am training a break out session with 2200 ladies (yikes) and also receiving some amazing awards. I DO NOT like attention, being in front of people etc... so these events are always a huge struggle for me! Every event I get better and better and it gets a little less hard. Hopefully one day I will want to be in front of crowds.. wouldn't that be nice?! ;)

Today i'm sharing an amazing maternity dress, the style I have been talking about for months! I have another similar dress with the button down but short sleeve! These dresses are so so comfortable they are absolute must haves for any pregnancy!

Wish me luck this week!! I think I will survive, if I don't, I love you all!! ;)


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