Wednesday, March 28, 2018
Maternity Sweater, Pink Blush Maternity, LipSense

Blue Hair, Maternity Jeans, Marc Jacob

Marc Jacob Bag, Black Bag, Studded Purse

Maternity Outfit, Pregnancy Style, Blue Hair

Fashion Blogger, Pink Sweater, Skinny Jeans

Maternity Jeans, ASOS Jeans, Kate Spade Flats

Sweater c/o: Pink Blush Maternity || Jeans: ASOS || Flats: Kate Spade || Saddle Bag: Marc Jacobs || Makeup & LipSense: The Red Closet Beauty || Photos: The High Pines

Hello hello!!

Last night I started to write this blog post and decided I needed to sleep on it. lol

Do you ever have a funky day and just want to spill out everything?! Yeah, it was one of those nights! I started listening to a book called You are a Badass and it has already helped me change my mindset around just listening to a few chapters.

Personal development is so important and I see that when I slack on it, I see it in my life. My thoughts change, I am not as motivated... it is truly life changing. If you aren't working on yourself, how can you ever grow?!

So that is what has been on my mind this morning! Since I drive Charly to pre-school every morning on my way back i'm going to work on ME! It's going to start my day out so much better and in the right mind set!! If you have any awesome books or podcasts PLEASE share below!!! The ones I'm loving right now are any entrepreneur/girl boss kind of stuff! :)

Today i'm wearing the cuuuutest maternity sweater from Pink Blush Maternity. I DIE you guys. Like.. the color, the fluffiness, and its comfortable which we all know is a MUST for this pregnant chick. I have gotten so many compliments on it and again, it's a piece I can wear after I have the baby!! They have all sizes STILL in stock so don't waste time!!!!

Have a great Wednesday babes!! 


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