Tuesday, March 6, 2018
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This topic has been on my mind a lot lately. Last night I read a post about this exact topic from The Freckled Fox and I feel like it's time to say something...

We all struggle with different things. Right? That doesn't make anyone's struggles more or less important.

For example: Pregnancy is HARD. Everyone has completely different pregnancies. I have seen SO many posts from Mom's talking about having a rough first trimester, or struggling with throwing up, or struggling with having a newborn, or losing weight from throwing up, depression.. whatever it may be and there is ALWAYS someone who comments something along the lines of... "You should be grateful you can even get pregnant".


Not okay.

It's frustrating to me that people can't talk about their struggles because someone else is struggling with something "bigger. Of course i'm sure these people are so grateful to be pregnant, but they are still human, and they still have struggles and if they are saying something in a public place, it means we need to listen, and show love!!! And pregnancy is not the only thing I'm referring to. It could be ANYTHING!

I have so many examples of this lately and I have had a lot of different frustrations and struggles that I don't feel like I can talk about because I would get this same response (and I have gotten the same response). And it SUCKS! My poor husband gets to hear it all when I don't feel like I have anyone else to talk to. As I see this more on more on social media posts I had to say something.

So my whole point of this post is to simply keep that in mind. Everyone is allowed to struggle with something even if you are struggling with something different or something worse. Period. Even if you think it's something silly, it matters to them. I feel like trying to silence people or making them feel like their problem is ridiculous is just not okay. This is where bigger problems are going to come around when someone is told that their problem or issue is not valid enough to be talked about.

After having Charly and trying to figure out the newborn thing, of course I turned to social media for help. I got those exact same comments... "you should be happy you can have a baby", "you are so lucky you have a newborn, I have friends who can't have babies". Nothing made me feel worse. I felt mom guilt for feeling the way I did, I felt frustrated that someone would say that, and I felt so lost because at that moment I felt like I had no safe place to get advice or ask questions. Since then I have been way more aware of it in work situations, in my personal life, and being a Mom.

Let's try to love a little more and show compassion no matter what someone is going through! Even if it's something we might think is silly, and even when we may be going through something bigger.

Thanks for stopping by and reading!!! 


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