Sunday, February 4, 2018
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Blue Hair, Overtone,

stripes, fashion blogger

Top: ASOS || Pants: ASOS || Booties: (similar here) || Crossbody: Chloe || Photos: Jordan Bree

Breaking rules over here today!!

I posted these pants on IG along with a poll and I got a huge "NO". So what did I do?! I bought them anyways. When someone says no or says something will look bad, my mind says "i'll prove you wrong". LOL Maybe not my best trait, but I can see it has helped me in life.

I'm sure this is still not everyone's cup of tea, but I think I did a pretty decent job at pulling these off. PLUS here is a fun fact. Vertical lines make your legs look longer and thinner!! WIN-WIN!!

Today marks 11.5 weeks through pregnancy. Oh how the first trimester drags on. I have been struggling sleeping so I ordered a snoogle, my pants won't zip up, so I ordered those clip things so I can wear my jeans as long as possible! I also ordered a heartbeat monitor because i'm paranoid and I want to hear my little baby on a daily basis! Has anyone had experience with this?!

Thanks for stopping by today!!! Have a great week!! <3


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