Monday, January 22, 2018
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If you haven't figured it out already, we are expecting baby #2 in August!!! Ahhhh We are beyond excited!! 

We decided to start trying 6 months ago because with PCOS we were told that it could or could not take a little bit longer to get pregnant and it could be a process. With lots of prayer and hopefulness we put it in God's hands and I did my best to not think about it month after month. So, on the night of Nov 14th.... jk jk I'll spare you the deets lol In all seriousness I feel beyond blessed that we were able to get pregnant as quick as we did! I have so many friends who have been trying for years and are still unable to get pregnant and it completely breaks my heart. They are some of the strongest women I know!! 

In December while on our Disney cruise I started feeling nauseous but assumed it was the boat. At that point I wasn't even thinking it could be pregnancy because I put that thought in the back of my head. Well on the cruise while Charly was meeting the characters I was a crying mess. I mean crying over the pure joy your kid experiences when seeing Mickey is normal right?!  I should have known then that I was pregnant, but it still never crossed my mind. I also didn't want to convince myself that I was pregnant and be let down when I saw a negative on the test. Also can we talk about how much money these pregnancy test people make?! What a genius product!!! 

We got home from our cruise and I then realized I was late! I didn't expect to see a positive on the pregnancy test because I had taken them almost every month hoping to see the positive. As soon as I saw the positive I had to tell Saunder. As much as I wanted to do something cute and surprise him, I just couldn't keep it a secret!! 

We are so excited (and slightly terrified) to add another human to our crew! This is going to be our last (knock on wood lol) so I plan on enjoying every second of this pregnancy as much as you can enjoy every second of pregnancy. ;) I have been nauseous every day but luckily some days are really good and some days are really bad so I get breaks here and there!! I'm looking forward to entering into my second trimester in the next couple weeks and will hopefully have more energy to start working out!

Thanks for stopping by and celebrating our news with us!!! We appreciate all the love and support and kindness more than I can say!! 


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