Sunday, June 11, 2017

Dress: Target || Jelly Shoes: Old Navy || Photos: The High Pines

Ahhhh it's been a while. My life has become so busy I have been MIA on my blog!!! To stay in touch follow me on Instagram (@jalynnschroeder). 

Today it is all about this cute girl!!! I want to make sure I document everything I can. She has made our life so much better, happier and definitely funnier. At her 18 month check-up it the doc let us know she is in the 98% for heigh and weight. We knew she was going to be in the high % because hello, i'm tall and so is her Daddy!! 

This one is climbing like a monkey and getting into everything. She gives us a run for our money every time we leave the house! Sitting still is not her thing, but I assume that is normal for a toddler. She is always so happy and laughs at everything. She also has herself a little attitude and doesn't like when she doesn't get her way. Her tantrums are adorable and we can't help but laugh.

She grows out of her shoes and clothing about once a week it seems, and she loves playing games, eating and she loves water!!! She copies everything we do and that might be one of my favorite things!! When I put makeup on, she will copy me. I sit her on the counter and she does everything that I do. Ahhh I love her. 

Thanks for stopping by!! More will be up on the blog soon!! 


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