Monday, December 19, 2016
Winter Family Photos, Family Photo Ideas, Christmas Sweaters

Jord Watch, Baby Christmas Sweater, Family Photos

The High Pines, Cute Family, Cute Family Pics

Family Photos, Utah Blogger, Cute Baby

Cute Baby, Winter Baby, Blue Eyed Baby

Family Photos, Big Cottonwood Canyon, Fashion Blogger

Jord Watch, Wood Watch, Mens Watch

Men's Watch, Men's Christmas Present, Husband Christmas Present

Cute baby, Family Photos, Fashion Blogger

Winter family photos, Utah Fashion Blogger, Family Pictures

Jord Wood Watch, Mens Watch, Cutest Baby

Family pictures in the snow, Snow Family Pictures, Winter Family Pictures

JORD Wood Watch, Stylish Mens Watch, Man Watch

Family Photos, Christmas Sweaters, Christmas Sweater Photos

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Wood Watch c/o: JORD || Photos: The High Pines

Happy Monday!!!

Can you believe Christmas is THIS week?! It's always bitter sweet when Christmas comes because I miss the holiday cheer and the feel of the holidays and of course all of the family time!! 

Today I wanted to share our family photos with you!! Maybe a bit of a long post, but there were so many I wanted to share!! I originally planned to do fancy and nice Christmas cards and then my husband reminded me that fancy is not us at all. So, we did inappropriate Christmas sweater pics! ;)

For us, it's not about being fancy or matchy matchy, but all the fun colors and accessories tied in perfectly together to show how we really are. Colorful and crazy!! haha 

If you haven't heard of JORD before, they make the most gorgeous wood watches!!! I have shared my JORD watch before here!! Now you can see why we love them!! I love that my watch can go with so many outfits and I LOVE my husbands because it goes with literally everything, even dressy! These watches make the perfect gift, or just a nice surprise. I mean, LOOK at it!! It looks so good on!!

Today everyone that enters will get a $25 gift card, all you have to do is go enter HERE!!!!


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