Wednesday, December 14, 2016
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Photos: Meili Workman

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These were mostly all taken after being on a flight all day. Don't mind the tiredness. ;) 

I recently went on a work trip (LipSense Distributor & SeneGence Distributor) to Portland!! Yes, I get to travel now!!! Woohoo!! Me and Meili (my friend with the dark hair) were both sooooo sick the whole time but we slept lots and ate lots and shopped way too much and still had SOOOOO much fun!!! Yes, we did do a little bit of work too! ;) I had never been to Portland before this trip and I fell in love. I have never been able to afford traveling until LipSense. I am so excited to be able to go explore the world and share it with you!

The day we got there we walked around and ate of course. The food in Portland is UNREAL. I have never tasted food so yummy. I mean, my mouth is watering right now as we speak!! The weather was rainy, which was expected and there were days that were soooo cold, but that was also expected. The houses, the food, the shopping, and just everything... I fell in love. We stayed in downtown Portland so we walked a lot. I didn't love the hard to find parking spots so walking was my preferred method of travel! Portland is such a unique city and I already can't wait to go back!!!

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