Monday, October 3, 2016

Meow Tops: The Red Closet Shop || Jeans: ASOS || Lipstick: LipSense

Charly's Outfit: Romper c/o: Rags to Raches || Photos: The High Pines

Happy Monday!!!

How did the weekend go by so fast? Not surprising right?! 

It has been an exhausting week for me. Not the normal exhausting. One of those weeks that when it rains it pours. I am grateful for a new week to say the least. After having hard weeks it really makes you appreciate the good ones even more. 

Today I'm showing two ways to wear this cute meow sequin top! I am not a huge cat person by any means but this top kept catching my eye over and over again, so I had to say, why not!! The material is so soft and I have worn it several ways already!! 

Welp, it's Monday and as usual I'm keeping it short and sweet today!! Have a great Monday!


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