Monday, February 22, 2016
Mom Life, Thread Tank, Utah Fashion Blogger

Mommy Blogger, Utah Fashion Blogger, Mom Life Is The Best Life

Mom Life Is The Best Life, Utah Fashion Blogger, Thread Tank

Mom Life, Utah Fashion Blogger, Modest Fashion Blogger

Mommy Blogger, Utah Fashion Blogger, Mom Outfit

Rain Boots, Maternity Jeans

Denim Top: Cotton On || Top c/o: Thread Tank || Maternity Jeans: ASOS || Boots: Ross || Beanie: ASOS || Photos: The High Pines

Hey friends!

So I thought it was fitting to go on a rant about some of my opinions about this whole mom life stuff. I figured today was the perfect time to do it considering my shirt and my total thrown together mom outfit! ;)

I am no expert and I have only been a mom for exactly two months. I am part of a lot of mommy groups and have a lot of friends who are also new mommies. Here is what drives. me. crazy. Being a mom is a huge sacrifice and we all know that, but being a mom is not solely who we are. I am also a wife, a sister, a daughter, a blogger and I'm working on a few other things that are hush hush for now. ;) My point is, being a Mom is not the only thing we are. I was told that my life was going to change (which it most definitely has) and that I wasn't going to be able to this, and this, and this.... and bla bla bla. WRONGO!!!

I feel lucky that I avoided PP depression. I think a huge reason I did is because of the help I had from my husband and from our moms and I didn't let the mom life consume me. It is so overwhelming and I didn't want to only think of myself as a mom. Does that sound bad? Maybe. I think its important to have hobbies and passions outside of being a Mom to not only stay sane, but to have some sort of identity. If I didn't have my blog and other projects I would go crazy. It's hard to sit at home and feed the baby all day long and to think that my only to-do list involves cleaning the house, doing laundry and cooking. Yeah.... I don't think so. Now this may work for some people and if this makes you happy and makes you feel whole, that is amazing!

I want Charly to grow up and see me as someone who is strong, has goals and works hard. I also want her to see me as her mom. She will always come first, but I will always set aside me time and make sure I am taking care of myself. If i'm not happy how can I be the best mom for my little Charly?

So, here are my suggestions if you are in a mommy rut. Make time for yourself no matter what. If you need to get ready every day to feel like yourself, set aside 10 minutes. Do it while the baby naps. For me, I need time to work on my blog, blog photos, as well as my other ventures. When I wake up every morning I write a list of goals down in my notes on my iPhone. No matter what, I do everything I can to finish that list. I always include at least one room to clean, one load of laundry, some sort of exercise (I have been starting easy with squats and calve raises) etc... It has helped so much to have my list of things I want to get done and it's pretty fun to check it off throughout the day and see my progress. Anything I can't manage to get done during the day, I do when husband gets home so he can take over baby duty.

PS. Mom life IS the best life, but so is your life as an individual, so don't forget to take care of yourself mommas!!!

Disclosure: I am not saying doing these things will prevent you from having Postpartum depression. I am sharing MY experience and what has helped me manage and avoid depression. I am also not saying I don't want to be called a Mom or that I don't love being a Mom because that is SOOOO far from the truth. To sum up this article, I am saying to make time for yourself and make time to do what makes you happy. Even if you only have 5 minutes a day. The end. :)


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