I touched the guts

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Shirt: Marshall's, Necklace: Rue 21, Dress: Kohl's, Tights: Forever 21, Shoes: H&M
Photography: www.deonethorntonphotography.com

I am trying to get in the Halloween spirit. Totally irrelevant to this post, I know. Me and the BF went to a pumpkin carving partay tonight. I did a whole lot of nothing except socialize. I did touch the pumpkin guts once and that was good enough for me. He was a good little sport and carved that pumpkin so great for us! I don't think I am the Halloween type. Now I am really excited for Christmas... Christmas activities I can do.

Onto the outfit. I like dresses. They are comfortable and flow. Flow ya know?! I like the randomness of this dress and the even more random layers I added. It's just how I do. 

Hope ya'll have a great weekend!