acca-mazing featuring Styles For Less

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Shirt/Pants/Boots: Styles For Less, Scarf: H&M

After seeing Pitch Perfect I just want to sing all the time. Also, I want to add acca to the beginning of everything because that is what they did, and it's beyond entertaining. Why? Mostly because I need to be best friends with Fat Amy. If you haven't seen this movie, I'm sorry you won't get any of this. And you are missing out. Like a lot missing out. It is ACCA-HILARIOUS. Just be cool and watch it. This is one time I will promote peer pressure. I am peer pressuring you all to watch this movie so we can participate in the inside jokes together. mmmk?!

Clothes time...

I am featuring a Styles For Less outfit today. I am still loving the denim shirt look. When I walked into Styles For Less this was the first thing that caught my eye immediately. The floral print on the shirt makes the shirt pop and adds a bit more to the outfit. This look is simple and one that any of you could put together. You can substitute my black jeans for any color of jeans really. That is the beauty of the denim shirt. If you want to pick yourself up one of these adorable shirts, or a cute pair of boots head on over to Styles For Less and check out what they have!!! Denim is a great fall look and great for layering as soon as the snow starts falling.

I hope everyone has an acca-awesome (almost) Monday (I did it again, oops).