Tuesday, October 11, 2011
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ripped jeans, stripped shirt, hat, toms, red flats
Hat: Styles For Less || Shirt: Old Navy || Pants: Lauren Conrad @ Kohls || Shoes: Nordstrom

This is the outfit I mentioned before. The one where I was creeping the girl at my work and wanted to re-create the outfit she was wearing. Well it turns out short tiny girls that are a size zero can pull it off better than my six foot self, but here is my version anyways :)

If you don't have a pair of Toms I suggest you get some. They are not only cute but COMFORTABLE. How hard is that to find?? I usually sacrifice style for comfort, but with these you don't have to. Its a win-win situation people. There are so many styles and textures and colors to choose from. It's hard. Very hard. Next best thing, you buy a pair, a pair is donated. So now its a win-win-win. Everyone wins!! 

It is your last chance to enter the shoe giveaway!! I will be drawing winners this weekend and announcing first thing Monday morning!!! I'm giving away 5 pairs, so scroll down to Tuesday giveaway and enter!!!

One more thing... thank you for everyone's input and kind words on my Monday post!! You guys are just great!!!