Monday, October 10, 2011
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Leather Jacket, Key necklace, thrifted
Jacket/Pants: Styles For Less || Boots: Thrifted || Shirt: Pac Sun || Necklace: DIY

I don't know about you ladies but I am really bad at making decisions when I have A LOT of options. If you are wondering what I am referring to, I am referring to the choice of waiting to have children. Hubs and I made this decision and we have a plan. Instead of stressing every month we are now deciding to do a more permanent (as in 3 years permanent) option. I have got a lot of input from a lot of people. Everyone's bodies react differently to anything that is put in them, so I get nervous to see how my body will react. Like, really nervous. I have gotten a lot of negative comments about not wanting children right now but frankly, I think I am too young and not everyone is ready or needs to have kids right away. Hubs and I have a plan and we are sticking to it. If God doesn't like our plan obviously the plan will be changed and we will be grateful for whatever happens, but for now I like our plan. Finish college, get good jobs and enjoy each other for as long as possible until we know that we are ready to take on parenthood.
The point of this was to say that today I will be deciding on what method I'm going to choose. I am scuurrrreeed. I'm sure most people don't blog about this stuff but it makes me feel better to talk it out. Wish me luck. I would love to hear your thoughts on bc and parenthood or whatever you would like to share. Lets get an awesome discussion going! I love hearing any kind of input because I know a lot of my readers are married, some have kids and some don't. 

Anyways, Happy Monday. 
Lets all have another great week!


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  1. Hi dear! I know I am not married yet, but try not to care what other people think because even in conference there was a talk specifically about parenthood and how families are between the couple only. and God of course. But how many kids, when you decide to have them... no one else's business and you shouldn't let other people influence your decisions! JJ and I talked about it and we are waiting awhile to have kids also. We get married next year and want to wait a good 3-4 years before we start having kids as well. We just feel that's best because we want to spend the time together before our lives completely change.

    Anyway, just a thought. If you didn't hear that conference talk


    Read it!!!! it's so good and it will help you a lot :) Love you!!


  2. OH and my friend just got the bc implant - implanon inserted in her arm. and she has handled it very well and hasn't had any problems :)
    just thought that may ease your fears a little.

  3. Are those pics from your new backyard?? I love it! And Zack and I feel the same way you do. Not like there is anything wrong with having children, because, honestly we do want to have them someday. But at the same time, once you have children, your life can never go back to how it used to be. I think you should take the time now to enjoy your spouse! So many Utah Mormon families rush into having children so quick after marriage (whether it's planned or not), and then they don't ever get to enjoy that time when it was just husband and wife. I think the most important thing in a marriage is FIRST building your relationship, growing as close as you can. And then, if and when the children come, you will be more prepared for it, and not have any regrets for the time spent with your spouse.

  4. Gross. Who wants kids? If I could double the length the birth control lasts I would. There are too many kids in the world anyways.. You can be an old cat lady if you need something to love. Stache doesn't count.. He's weird. Anyways, it doesn't matter what other people say, Or oh god says this, blah blah blah, its what we want. Pretty sure we have our agency for a reason. Even if we choose to not have kids at all, that is our business and no one should have any opinion about what we choose to do. Plus, have you seen how many people out there that have ugly kids? Or worse, stupid kids that you just wanna smack? Do you really want to say, yeah... That's my kid! Gross no.

  5. My hubs and I dont want kids for a long time either. Its totally ok to wait to have kids until you're ready. Just be open to God maybe changing the plan. haha. Love ya girl!

  6. love your style! my husband and i waited four years to have our baby (and she was actually an accident BUT we are so glad she came when she did!) i am so glad we waited the 4 years. we have now been married 5 years and have a 10 month old girl. I'm happy we had those years to learn and to become better people. we were babies when we got married! we are still young, but we are much better parents because we waited!