Wednesday, September 14, 2011
Utah Fashion blogger, Modest fashion blogger, pink pants

Jean Blazer, Camera Necklace  camera necklace

brown heels, strap heels

Shirt/Watch: WalMart || Pants/Shoes/Jean Jacket: Ross || Necklace: Forever21

Say holla to Jessica!! How stinkin cute is she?!! This is one of my closest friends. Me and her are like crazy alike when it comes to fashion. You can send us in the same store at different times and 90% of the time we will find the exact same thing. Just like me, she is a bargain shopper. The only difference is she finds the super good bargains and spends less. So you know all her stuff is the best of the best at the best price!! Not only does she have super great style but I want her hair. Bad. Gorgeous yup. So for those of you who aren't six feet tall like me, here is another example of how to dress. She is shorter than me and knows how to dress and what fits her body. This girl knows whats up!

We are awesome friends. Kbye