Friday, September 9, 2011
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                    brown skinny belt

purple top

white skirt

Shirt: Ross || Belt: Target || Skirt: F21 || Shoes: Urban Outfitters || Watch: WMart

Like yesterday, I'm going to be ranting and raving over F21 again. Sheesh I love that place! This lovely skirt I am wearing is what I am featuring for my Fifteen Friday. These skirts were only $12.50. Yes... you saw correct. $12.50. wowza! I have seen this trend all summer and it will be here in the fall as well. I bought Vogue's fall catalog (fashion week time ahhhh!!) that is 700ish pages. Let me tell you that there are plenty of pages in there to inspire us all (buy it, you won't regret it...simply fabulous). The worry for me was that the skirt was not long enough. Turns out, in all the runway I have looked at, and magazines, the maxi skirts don't have to go to the floor. Well they can, but a lot don't. Good news for me! Let me show you what this skirt (in blue) looks like on the model...

Its going to hit this length especially wearing it high-waisted. And I won't wear a skirt unless it is (Its a good alternative to pants when you're having a fat day hhaha). F21 had a lot of colors to choose from. Blue, cream, black, and a dark pink color. I bought the cream, black and dark pink ones. Such a good price I couldn't help it. Another great thing about these skirts is you can dress them down or dress them up. Make them casual like this cute model with her sandals, or slip on a blazer and some heels and go out on the town!! Perfect.

Have a great weekend!!! I will be working on the house, doing homework, and working everyday. In between all those I will be creeping my Vogue magazine and drooling over how amazing going to Fashion Week in New York would be... one day. Mark my words.