Monday, September 12, 2011
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Blue Top, Skinny Jeans, Necklace

Oval NecklaceSkinny Jeans

Brown Booties

Shirt: Kohls || Pants: Styles For Less || Necklace/Shoes: Thrifted || Jewelry: Tai Pan/ WalMart

The first REAL rainstorm. Ahhh, it was fantastic. I was at work when the storm started and the thunder made us all jump. Like it shook the store, and we all jumped and almost peed kinda jump. It sounded like it was right above our heads. I couldn't stop smiling. Something about the smell of rain and the angry crash of thunder just makes me one happy girl. It did ruin my plans to go to Zion's National Park and go hiking, but I think it was worth it. There will be plenty of time for hikes later right?!

Back to the fashion...I'm blaming the storm on my bad hair day. For reals. hehe. We took pictures right when the storm stopped for a minute and right when we were done it started back up again. Lucky. This necklace I am wearing is now one of my favorite finds. I am not quite sure if it was a necklace to begin with but it is a magnifying glass on a chain. I went and bought some necklace extenders and added one on the end and put it on. Now I'm in love. Its so vintage looking. Totally worth the $16 I spent on it. I will be wearing this lots and lots. I am breaking one of my fashion rules. Well, not a rule. More like a fashion insecurity of mine. I always feel weird when I wear blue on blue. Blue shirts and blue jeans. My good friend Jessica convinced me it looked great so I trusted her.

Anyways, happy Monday all. This week is going to be a fun eventful one for me (and this does not include school, ewww). I have lots planned. So excited.