Saturday, August 27, 2011
Blue Dress, Yellow Purse

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Blue dress, floral dress, white belt

white flats, thrifted

Dress/Bag: Thrifted || Belt: Styles For Less || Shoes: Target || Photographer: Deone Thornton Photography

Yesterday was supposed to be moving day one. Well, we both worked all day so by the time we got off we were both pretty tired. I went to my sisters volleyball game and Kazj started packing. I looked at all the things that have to be packed and moved and I gave up just like that. I think I'll be ready to face the challenge of moving today even though I work until 9:30 tonight. Jealous?? I think I need a couple of full days off of work so I have motivation to actually get things done, too bad i don't have that choice. 
Our new couches are being delivered today. Ahhhh so excited. A million other little things to do, and we're good to go... if only it were that simple. Buying a house is very costly. Costly as in the little things here and there, and everywhere that have to be bought, fixed or whatever it may be. Goodness. The adventure continues. If I make it out of next week alive and we get out of our apartment on time (like we even have a choice) it will be a miracle. Mark my words. Miracle. 

Enjoy your weekend!!!


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