Wednesday, September 7, 2011
I took a small vacation from the crazy-ness of work/school/house stuff but I am back!!!!!

I want to share with you some more fun house stuff. Only because this is what hubs and I have been working on for the last month... or longer (who is counting anymore??)
Our colors for our bedroom/family room/kitchen are greys, black, white and a lime-ish green color. Its a new decorating trend I have been obsessing over and I just love it. So... we have found some cool furniture to make-over. Thrift stores are our best friend lately. Or Craigslist. Both are amazing. We found some beat up black night stands that are perfect for what we wanted. Hubs sanded, painted and did his thing to them and they are oh so cute! Here are the before and after pictures:



Not too shabby eh?!! We are having fun (we tell ourselves at least) re-doing all this stuff to match our house!! There is more to come don't you worry. It is all one HUUUUGE work in progress. We are fashionizing our house to the max. The best part is I get to choose the colors and decorations and hubs gets to do the hard work and sand and paint it. I HATE sanding.. its like scratching nails on a chalk board. EEEEKKK Ewww yuck. I can paint but no sanding for me.


Our couches. Keep in mind there are no decorations up yet. Hence the nakey walls behind the couches. Here is my quick couch story. Hubs and I wanted something contemporary/modern/awesomecrazycool-ish. I searched and searched and searched some more. I found cool couches online for an arm and a leg (not including shipping) so that was out. Finally we went to the place where we bought our last couch, tv and zebra rug (Boulevard Home Furnishing). Our awesome salesman was trying to understand what type of couch we were looking for. I told him I like different, funky, modern, and anything that I wouldn't find in EVERYBODY'S house in Utah (no offense, just not my style). So he finally understood. He went on to tell us that the more fashionable the couch, the less comfortable it was going to be. So I told him to find us the most uncomfortable couch he had hehehaha. He gave us a few options, we sat, we talked, sat some more and finally picked our couches. We picked these guys (and they are actually pretty comfortable, we win!!):

Last, kitchen table time! We have a small kitchen area so we wanted to find something that was not too big, fit the area in an organized cute manner, and something that was our style of course. I found this table and I knew instantly it was the one. It's small yet it still looks great and its not trying to eat up all of our small kitchen space. It seats four, and we have seating for three at the counter. Plenty of seating considering there are only two of us here. My Dad told me that the dish set looks oriental so I guess we just brought another theme into the room! They are funky and totally my style. Oh and plastic so when i drop them, which I will, they won't kill the wood floors or break everywhere! Yay!

Well that is it for now! The journey continues on! One of these days we just might finish a whole entire room and I will be able to show room pictures instead of item pictures. I'm just too excited to wait. 

Hope everyone had an excellent Labor Day weekend!

I will be drawing winners from the Thursday Giveaway tonight so you have all day today to enter or add extra entries!! I will announce winners tomorrow morning!! :)
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  1. will you come decorate my house? k thanks

  2. CUTE! i love how you decorated everything. now you're gonna have to make a separate blog for home decorating. uh oh :) haha.

    <3 xo.

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