Tuesday, August 23, 2011
Utah fashion blogger, modest fashion blogger

Black Scarf, grey belt

grey heels

orange dress, floral dress

Utah fashion blogger

Dress/Handbag: Thrifted || Scarf: DIY || Belt: F21 || Shoes: Payless || Watch: WalMart || Photographer: Deone Thornton Photography

I survived my first day of school. This is how it went: I arrived at 8am. The teach handed out the syllabus, read it, and sent us home. Man I love school days like that. Round 2 is tomorrow. Could I be so lucky again?! Tomorrow I have a Human Resource class (which I am taking for fun, yes for fun). This is what I want to go into, but guess what??!! They only let business students take it. So... I am totally planning on saying I'm a business student so I can stay in the class. Is that horrible?? Maybe. I decided to go into communication for human resources specifically but they don't offer the human resource class to comm students even though that is a job within the communication degree. Weirdos!!! School doesn't make sense to me sometimes.They just take my money and don't let me take the classes I like! Psh!

Day a million (it feels like) on the house. We pretty much have the first level finished. I'm so excited to share before and after pictures!! I am so lucky to have a hard working hubs and father who have been so beyond helpful. My Dad can fix or do anything. Anything. Ask anyone who knows him. He is a bowl full of knowledge. I've actually learned a lot about paint, brushes and other random things while re-doing the house so maybe one day I'll be able to be cool like my Dad and teach my kids. 

I'm feeling particularly optimistic today for a few reasons. I need to gather all of that up and store it in a jar and let it out all over the place when I go to my research class on Wed. Let me tell you, its awful. To break it down, I have 3 - 7 page papers due every class period. I usually love writing papers but these are awful. Not a fun kind of writing in any way. Promise. I'll leave it at that. Talking about it makes me want to stab my eye balls out. PS..side note.. I took this class last semester and had to drop out. It was too much to deal with, with everything else going on. Half of the class usually has to re-do it or get an extension. So that should tell ya a little something.

Enough ranting. After this semester of two classes and two volleyball classes (best classes ever) I have my capstone and I'm done. All this will be worth it. To finally be done. Yay!!


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  1. i looooooooove this outfit. love it. seriously. hey guess what, i love it. and you look hot. and also, i love it.

  2. I am loving this outfit!! You totally might not even remember me but we went to school together!! I hung out with a few people you hung out with as well.. I came across your blog and love it!!