Saturday, August 6, 2011
Black Belt, Utah Fashion Blogger, Modest Blogger

Black Hat, Black Blazer, Leopard Print Pants

Red Necklace, Black handbag

Cream Heels, Black handbag

Blazer/Shoes: Kohls || Shirt/Belt/Hat: Styles For Less || Hand bag/Bracelet: Thrifted || Pants: H&M || Necklace/Ring: Target || Photography: Deone Thornton Photography

I've started learning that it is a good thing to add a splash of color to an outfit that has neutral colors. I found that necklace on clearance at Target and fell in love with its uniqueness. I am all about trying out the funky jewelry. A lot of fashion experts believe that Its all about the accessories. I am torn. I think an outfit can look amazing without accessories and sometimes it can be too much. But when you add some color to an outfit that doesn't have color it makes the outfit stand out a lot more. On a completely different note I want to share something...

Another random thought. Another deep thought. Yay! So... I think a lot. I talked about searching for my talent in a recent post and how our talents can bring us so much joy and happiness. Well as I was thinking I realized that finding our talents isn't the easiest thing in the world. I still believe that there are plenty of things that can make us happy that don't exactly have to be a talent. 
We all have unpleasant things in our life that we dread. I'm sure that everyone has completely different dreadful things in their life such as work, school, personal things or whatever it may be. For some of us, those are the things that make us happy. I see a lot of sadness in the world today and negativity.  Myself included, struggle sometimes to be positive. I challenged myself to do something that I would like to challenge everyone else to do also. This something is simply to find what makes you happy. When there is something in your life making you unhappy, focus on those things that do make you happy. I discover new things all the time that I enjoy and bring me happiness.

Here are a few things that make me happy:
1. Shopping (obviously) but also using the clothing/accessories I have to put together new fun outfits.
2.Enjoying a yummy meal/desert/chocolate yummm.
3. Being with family/close friends
4. Listening to music and rocking out
5. Writing poetry, in my journal or blogging
6. Being active whether its sports, gym, or playing with my cute puppy
7. Watching tv shows/movies that inspire and make you happy
8. Reading
9. Laughing at anything and everything
10. Anything that has to do with church

I bet I could go on and on and on. Now the sad thing is it takes only one thing to ruin someones day and wipe out all the happy thoughts. I have something in my life that is a constant drag. It is something that I am learning to deal with and something that makes me unhappy. When those feelings come around I (try to) go straight to doing one of my happy activities. With my huge "happy" list, I can always do one of those things at any given moment. The moral of this story is.. make your happy list available to you at all times. Don't let the sad moments bring us down. As I grow and learn every day I realize how important some things become and how unimportant other things are. When it comes to being happy I believe we all have the right to be selfish.When you are happy it rubs off on others. Nothing bad can come from happiness. 
So.. what makes you happy?? Share with me... and have a splendid weekend!


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  1. LOVE the necklace doll, super unique yet so cute.

  2. Good to see I made the top ten! Wouldn't want to be a drag!