Monday, July 18, 2011

Leopard Print Shirt, Modest Fashion blogger, Utah fashion blogger

Thrifted, Key Necklace

Indian Vest,

Shirt/skirt/vest/shoes: Thrifted || Necklace: Claires || Watch: GenX || Photographer: Deone Thornton Photography

I had a thought today and now I feel like writing it down. This is technically supposed to be my diary so I'm going to spill.
Recently starting a fashion-ish blog has been so fun. I've learned a lot (blogging wise) and am looking forward to learning more. I like to look at others fashion blogs and get a feel for how they do things. Today, I realized that I am trying to hard to be like everyone else. Which makes me sad. I am known for putting together funky outfits and doing my own thing. I have found myself wanting to be like everyone else just so maybe I can have approval and fit in?!! Ahhh!!Who knows. I have realized that being like everyone else is boring. Even if everyone else doesn't like the outfits I put together its alllll goood. 

So I guess you should all be expecting my crazy random outfits and a different style that will come with every shoot. Because that is how I roll. BAM! It is very conservative here in Utah so the dirty looks come often, but let us all learn something from this. Do your thing and be creative. Show your personality through your clothing and don't let anyone or what others might think change what you want to do. Consider the dirty looks a compliment!

I wouldn't say that I have a certain style. At all. Some days I feel like being a super girly girl and wearing ruffles and lace and some days I feel like putting together some awesome rocker girl type outfit with my combat boots.Whatever it may be I have decided to stop thinking about other people's fashion blogs and do what I love. This makes me happy and I enjoy doing it and sharing it with all of you! So keep following and I promise there will be some fantastic and awesome stuff coming soon!

P.s. As soon as I hit 50 followers/members I will do my first give-away. So follow. Yeah!


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  1. Love your blog!! Your ideas are so creative and fun... Can't wait to see your crazy random outfits :)

  2. hey girl... love the outfit... amen, i feel what your saying in this post; from feeling like the other bloggers, getting dirty looks and having random style. That's why my dear friend you and i need to go shopping and get more dirty looks and blog about it.

  3. I know the feeling when you get into the blogging world that you need to 'fit' into that certain mold/style that other successful bloggers have set forth. you even notice that you start typing/talking like other blogger. my advice is stay true to your own identity but just like your fashion your blogging identity evolves. keep it up, weirdly blogging is honestly like a weird addiction and you feel great satisfaction when you get comments/compliments but you also can feel really neglected and rejected when you get rude comments or no feedback at are already doing sooooo good for just starting out your blog-keep doing your thing and before you know it you will have a real online presence! congrats on your blog and all the hard work you have put into it!

  4. jay, this is totally your thing. fashion and writing; your two loves :) i love seeing what outfits you're pulling together these days and all your fun tips, too. you are definitely in your element. love it!!

  5. What an amazing vest... love love LOVE