Saturday, July 16, 2011
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Grey Leggings, Leapard Flats

Romper, belt, Modest Fashion

Blazer: Wet Seal || Romper: H&M || Leggings: F21 || Shoes: Target || Belt: F21 || Jewelery: Styles For Less/H&M || Photographer: Deone Thornton Photography

Hi my name is Jalynn, and I'm a shopaholic. I like to shop and yes it IS an obsession. A fun obsession but an expensive one. I have challenged myself to try to go as long as I can without purchasing any clothing. It has been one day. haha I can't make any promises that it will last long because I have a 30% off coupon to Kohls and there are some Simply Vera Wang shoes I just neeeeeed. hehe

So, back to the pictures.. these are the fabulous flats I was telling you about. Super cute right (not to mention extremely comfortable)!! Well this outfit was really random, but luckily fashion allows that. When I first tried my romper on my sister told me it looked like a parachute. A big yellow parachute. Luckily I take fashion criticism well. I like putting random pieces together and dressing different. Its fun. And with my H&M parachute romper I will rock the random ensembles I manage to put together...

mmmk thats all for now.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone. I will see you again on Monday!