Thursday, October 5, 2017

Bomber c/o: NellyBelly Active || Leggings c/o: NellyBelly Active || Photos: The High Pines

Heyyyyy friends!!

Oh how the weeks just fly by lately. I can't believe it's Thursday already and October!! It's bittersweet when time goes by right?!

Today i'm sharing one of my favorite work out brands and what I like to workout in!! One thing that really helps me get excited and motivated to work out is a cute new workout clothes. Sad maybe, but true. When you feel good, you work harder. That is how I feel!!

About Zyia Active

Zyia offers a wide variety of women’s active tops, including graphic tanks, performance tanks, and easy fit tanks. As for bottoms, they offer shorts, skirts, different styled leggings, capris, pants and intimates. The leggings have great, intricate details you can’t find with any other brand. And each item is designed with form and function in mind.

In addition to the affordability, Zyia activewear offers really high quality workout pieces. They use a 4-way stretch fabric that has the perfect fit to make you feel supported and comfortable during your workout or while you’re out and about. This fabric goes above and beyond your traditional workout fabrics with integrated technologies, like: moisture control, temperature control, breathability, anti-odor and muscle support. Best of all, Zyia active offers long-lasting pieces that are multifunctional.

I love Zyia Active’s mission and is something I can get behind—”to inspire and uplift by making activity a fun and essential part of life.” They emphasize on the importance of working out surrounded by those you love, friends and family. We can push ourselves to new limits, all while having fun. What a great message/mantra!

Zyia Active & Athleisure

Zyia Active has the latest styles, colors and patterns found in today’s activewear and athleisure market. I love this new athleisure trend as it brings the best of both worlds, comfort and versatility to your wardrobe and overall daily style. How do you dress in athleisure style? Basically, find workout pieces (tanks, leggings, sneakers, cute bras) that are chic and are something you would be comfortable wearing out. This doesn’t include your ratty sweats and t-shirts. Athleisure pieces are more comfortable than your normal street clothing, but more fashionable than your sweaty gym clothes. Luckily, Zyia offers great activewear and athleisure pieces for you and your man.

What I'm Wearing

The quality of NellyBelly Active is amazing!! I would compare it to lulu lemon you guys. it's that good. Not to mention not crazy expensive either. Win-win!! These leggings are a newer style so I had to show them off!! My favorite part is that they are HIGH RISE!! They suck me in and they are so comfortable. Need I say more?!

So many cute options, head over to NellyBelly Active or follow on Facebook to see more in style pieces!

GUESS WHAT?! I'm giving away some of these adorable leggings so make sure to follow me on IG to enter (@jalynnschroeder)

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Nice outfit, I like how you style clothes. I have just got some interesting basic clothes for me from and I would like to get some tips on how to wear them. Maybe you ca help me with it?

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