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Dress: My Vintage Look || Heels: Nordstrom Rack || Hat: similar here || Lipstick: LipSense || Photos: The High Pines

Hey Friends!

If you don’t already know, I was diagnosed with PCOS almost five months ago. Being that it’s PCOS Awareness Month, and I’m in the middle of my very own PCOS battle and trying to figure this whole new lifestyle out, I figured this would be the perfect time to talk about dealing with weight loss and weight gain PCOS!!

Thanks to a very supportive community, I’ve learned a lot about how to live with PCOS and what I can do better to treat it. I have been playing around with different diets that are supposed to help with PCOS, and i’m currently trying to figure out which diet is going to help me be healthy, sustainable and get my PCOS under control. Unfortunately, my body is changing pretty drastically on a weekly basis. I know others can’t tell, but I sure can; I fluctuate up to 15 pounds weekly. This weight fluctuation really plays a toll on me, especially when I can’t get my pants to zip up or fit into the new dress I just bought (even when it’s a size bigger than normal). A lot of people will tell me I don't look like I have gained weight, but the truth is, I know how to dress myself and hide the parts of my body that I gain weight in most (all my mid section).

I figured it would be a great time to discuss how to best dress your body shape while dieting and losing weight. I mean, most of us will go through some sort of weight gain in our life whether it’s due to health issues, pregnancy or just being unhealthy (because food is sooooo dang good, right?!).

Below are some key pieces to invest in and add to your closet as you continue down the road towards weigh loss and your goal weight!

1. Clothes with stretch

Think maxi skirts, leggings and jeggings (best invention ever). Investing in clothes with a little stretch means you can wear your clothing items longer while continuing to lose weight. These pieces are also great because of the added comfort while wearing them. This is also true for pants and skirts with elastic waists as they can be easily worn for longer periods of time. Right now i'm a huge fan of dresses and tunics. They are loose, some are stretchy, and I feel good and don't have to be paranoid about what I look like or if something is too tight!

2. Back to basics clothing

A cheap and easy way to dress your body shape during weight loss is to add a set of good basic T-shirts and tanks to your closet. These basic tees shouldn’t be skin tight or super loose, but fit in a flattering way. Try out different necklines and find a neckline that is most flattering to your body shape. When in doubt, look for basic tees with small patterns or designs that can hide awkward bumps. I have a lot of solid pieces in my closet that will go with anything during any period of my weight gain/loss!!

3. Underwear

As you know, underwear is the foundation of a wardrobe and if you have an ill-fitting bra, it can show through clothes as well as your whole outfit. If you find that during your weight loss journey that your bras and underwear no longer fit you, don’t be afraid to invest in new pieces. Chances are that you’ve dropped a cup size, so be sure to get properly measured when investing in a new bra and ask the salesperson what type of bra and underwear is the best for you during your weight loss. Me personally, I am a HUGE fan of shapewear. I have worn it every day since Charly was born. It holds me in place and I feel so much more confident when I am not feeling the jiggle or have belly hanging over my pants. You can check out my favorite shapewear HERE.

4. Wrap dresses & blouses

Because these are usually made with stretchy fabric and materials, investing in wrap dresses (like the one i'm wearing today from My Vintage Look) and wrap blouses are a great way to stay comfortable while flaunting your cute figure. Like all of clothes listed, you can get more wear because these types of clothing items are more forgiving of weight changes. Wrap dresses and blouses come in a variety of styles and patterns—look for patterns that best flatter your figure and match your individual style.

5. Accessorize

As you’ve probably noticed while reading this, you want to invest in basic pieces when losing weight, but an easy way to still incorporate your individual style is to accessorize! Add a statement necklace or patterned scarf with a basic T-shirt. Belts are also a great tool for loose pants and dresses and better show off your cute figure! One of my favorite accessories is a hat!! It has nothing to do with my body but it gives my outfit a little more spunk. It looks like I put more effort into styling and getting ready. You figure out what works best for you!

6. Haircut

A stylish haircut is another great way to show off your weight loss or to hide the weight gain. When I gain weight I gain it in my face, so for me, cutting my hair shorter is not a great option because then I would have a haircut that highlights my rounder face. Chances are you might already be in the market for an updated haircut and now is the time to do it! Not sure where to start with your new look? Talk with your hairstylist to see their recommendations on a cut that best flatters your face shape.

Like I said earlier, my weight has been fluctuating a lot. I always get comments from other women who either don’t believe me or probably think i’m fishing for compliments, which i’m not. Knowing how to dress your body type is key. I don’t own bodycon dresses or pencil skirts anymore. I know that there are some things I won’t be able to wear again until I can get my diet under control and consistently work out for a good year. I know that when I gain weight I prefer to wear high waisted things with stretch and flowy tops. I am great at hiding what I don’t want to show the world. I was also blessed with being 6 feet tall. Who knew that would come in handy. When I gain weight, it goes to my face and mid-section first, which I can hide. My point is, you HAVE to know how to dress yourself if you are not feeling confident and know what best works for your body type and style so that you can feel confident!

It’s so nice to know I have other women to talk to about this. This has definitely been one of the hardest things I have had to deal with and It hasn’t even been a year. It has completely rocked my world. I know that sounds so crazy, but I never been happy with my body and it has been something I have struggled with my whole life. Now looking back I wish I had been more grateful before the crazy stretch marks and PCOS hit me hard.

Lastly, you may have pieces that you love that no longer fit you anymore. Instead of tossing the pieces out or donating them, see if it’s reasonable to spend the money to get the item tailored. You’ll be amazed how much a tailor can take in and help reshape your clothing. Especially if you’ve invested in classic pieces, such as a blazer, pencil skirt or designer jeans, a tailor can be your best friend in getting the most wear out of your more expensive clothes during weight gain or weight loss.   

I hope these tips help you whether you are dealing with PCOS or just weight gain in general. Just know you are not alone and there are a whole crew of us women routing for you!! The most important thing is that you do the things you need to feel comfortable in your own skin!!

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