Wednesday, March 1, 2017
Louis Vuitton, Neverfull Tote, Fashion Blogger

Black Booties, ASOS jeans, Blue Hair

Black and White, Tie Choker, Winter Layering

Ripped Knee Jeans, Utah Fashion Blogger, Modest Outfit

Louis Vuitton Monogram Bag, Blue Hair, LipSense Distributor

Ripped jeans, fall outfit, winter outfit

Short blue hair, Black and White Shirt, Casual Outfit

Cold Weather Layering, LipSense Distributor, Modest Blogger

Top: (similar here - ON SALE) || Jeans: ASOS || Louis Vuitton Neverfull || Lipstick: LipSense SeneGence Distributor || Vest: Shoptiques || Choker The Red Closet Shop (ON SALE - use code SHOP60) || Photos: The High Pines

Oh heyyyy babes!!! 

First off I have to tell you about a HUUUUUGE 60% OFF SALE i'm doing in my shop RIGHT NOW!!! Soooo pretty much everything is free. ;) You can head to The Red Closet Shop and use SHOP60 to use your discount!! 

Second, I am excited to share this extremely casual and fun layered look!! As you know I love living the layered life. I almost can't handle not having some sort of layers because I feel like my outfit is not put together which drives me crazy and makes me feel like I didn't even get ready. #GirlProblems. I am not a t-shirt and jeans kinda girl. I have to have a leather jacket, shirt tied around my waist, and that to me is complete!

This weekend I am off to Hollywood to spend some time with my LipSense ladies and to get spoiled. I sure am blessed to be a part of this business. I feel like I can't go a day without shouting it from the rooftops because how it has changed my life. Anyways, sappiness ending now. Thanks for stopping by and have a fab weekend!!

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