Friday, November 11, 2016
Fall Outfit, Maternity Leggings, Postpartum Leggings

BLANQI, Utah Fashion Blogger, Fall Outfit

Blue Hair, Fall Outfit, Sweater Weather

Fall Booties, Booties, BLANQI Leggings

Olive Sweater, Fall Outfit, Fall Look

BLANQI, High Wasted Leggings, Fall Booties

Fall Outfit, Fall Look, blue Hair

Leggings c/o: BLANQI ||  Lipstick: Sheer Berry LipSense || Photos: The High Pines

You may have seen these on my blog before. Only about 47 times. ;) I am so excited to partner with BLANQI this year to bring you exclusive EARLY access to their annual Black Friday Sale! This is your chance to get their coveted Maternity and Highwaist Nursing Leggings at 50% off! Follow the link HERE to unlock the hidden page and get your leggings at the discounted price before everyone else! THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

I wore these leggings while I was pregnant and they saved me!! I wore them so many times I wore a hole in them. I think I wore them 98% of the last 6 months I was pregnant!! They are high waist and so comfortable and long!! Not only this but GREAT quality!! This deal is pretty insane so make sure to take advantage of it now!!!


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