Sunday, September 18, 2016
Floral, Suspender Skirt, Choies

Bell Sleeves, Modest Outfit, Blue Hair

Tall girl style, dressy outfit, floral

Blue hair, Utah Fashion blogger, Modesty

Floral Top, Utah Fashion Blogger, The Red Closet Shop

Studded Heels, Go Jane, Fashion Blogger

Spring Outfit, Floral, The Red Closet Shop

Floral Shirt, Blue Hair, Fashion

Tall girl style, floral, modest outfit

Top: The Red Closet Shop || Suspender Skirt c/o: Choies || Heels: Go Jane || Photos: @kielyro (on Instagram

How amazing is this floral suspender skirt? This skirt was too unique, I just couldn't pass it up!!! I used to be so obsessed with suspenders. It wasn't a trend going around or anything, so they were really hard to find! I would go to thrift stores and buy grandpa suspenders!! haha I have always been a weird one when it comes to fashion. I LOVE different!! 

This weekend my and my husband had a little weekend getaway. We had intentions to go explore, go out to dinner and do fun things. Well, not having a baby ended up with us sleeping, a lot. I slept in until 10:45 and took naps. It was just what we needed!! Sometimes a relaxing and lazy weekend is more important than doing the fun things originally planned. I mean, I finally feel like myself and refreshed!! That is huge for me!! I usually start out Monday feeling exhausted and I feel like I can take over the world now. haha It's amazing what a full nights sleep can do!

If you have access to a babysitter/family, I suggest getting away every few months. It will do wonders for your sanity!! ;)

Have a great Monday!! 


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