Thursday, August 4, 2016
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Lotus Crib

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Guava, Travel Blogger

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Lotus Crib c/o (ON SALE): Guava Family || Chelsea the Cat c/o: Cuddle + Kind || Headband: Little Poppy Co Monthly Subscription || Photos: The High Pines

Hey friends!!!

This month we have been doing a lot of traveling. We have gone to St. George, Park City and this week I am in northern Utah. If you have a baby you know that traveling is so much harder that it was pre-baby. I feel like I have to pack up literally our whole house when we travel with the baby. Convenience, simplicity and functionality are sooooo important to me. After doing a lot of research I found the Guava Family Lotus Crib. It is light and so easy to carry which is a huge bonus for me. It folds down and folds out so easy, and I love the zip downs on the sides!! It takes literally 15 seconds to set up.

I also love that it isn't bulky and best of all, Charly loves it! We have used it not only for her to sleep in, but we even brought it to the pool one day for her to hang out in, in the shade. We can carry it, wear it like a backpack so we have hands to carry something else, it is amazing! We have two more trips coming up and I'm so excited to have this. My life has become so much easier traveling with the Lotus Crib!! Andddd GREAT NEWS, it is on major sale right now, so run and get it while you can!!

Hope you are having a great week and have an even greater weekend! :)

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