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4moms, 4moms high chair, high chair

High Chair c/o: 4moms || Monthly Bow Subscription c/o: Little Poppy Co || Photos: The High Pines

As Charly gets bigger I find myself doing all sorts of research trying to find the best product out there! I am planning on having more kids eventually so I also want the best so I can pass it down! After looking at several brands I was so excited to share with you this 4moms high chair. 

Not only is the design sleek and totally fits me and my husbands style, but I love the simplicity of it. It is all magnetic and is SO easy to take the tray on and off!! I usually have Charly in one arm and using the free arm to lift off the tray. Can you do that with yours? I highly doubt it. I am all about making my life as easiest as possible! 

Do you see that bowl Charly has on her plate? Well, it is also magnetic and sticks and stays put on the tray!! We started doing BLW (baby-led weaning) at 6 months old so this tray and having this bowl has been great!! We can put her food in her bowl and she can eat out of her bowl like us big kids do. ;) It is amazing! Next on my list I need all the other magnetic bowls and plates! Especially as she gets older I know I am going to utilize the magnet tray all the time!

If you haven't heard of 4moms you have to check them out now!! We also have their bathtub and love it!! They make top of the line and top of technology products that are simply amazing! 

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