Wednesday, July 6, 2016
Baby Style, Utah Fashion Blogger, Subscription Box

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Mom and Tot, Baby Subscription Box

Subscription Box, Lifestyle Blogger, Baby Toys

Subscription Box, Monthly Baby Box

Baby Style, Utah Lifestyle Blogger

Baby Box, Utah Lifestyle Blogger, Subscription Box

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Mom and Tot Box, Utah Blogger

Baby Toy, Baby Subscription Box

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Mom and Tot Box, Lifestyle Blogger

Baby Toys, Baby Subscription

Monthly Subscription Box c/o: Mom and Tot Box

Hey friends!!

I am so excited to share this subscription box with you! You know I love my monthly subscription boxes. It is so great to have a fun surprise in the month that is for me AND Charly! I have a monthly book subscription, makeup, clothing, and now fun toys/clothing for Charly and something for me! Charly clearly loved the toy that came in her box. She hasn't let go of it (not joking) since we opened the box! Let me also state before I go into what is in the box, that everything in this box is very high quality and all things I would personally buy for Charly!

Now let's chat about what was in this month's box!!

1. Teething Ring - as you can see in every single picture, Charly loved this!! She instantly grabbed it and wouldn't let go! She hasn't stopped playing with this since we opened the box!

2. Tee - this tee is screen printed original hard drawn art that is inspired by their kids!! How cute is that?!

3. Bandana Bib - this cute thing is perfect for all day baby wear!!

4. Donut cushion - this cute cushion encourages creativity, humor and play!

5. Face mask - Obviously for me and I am so excited to spoil myself and use this!!

You can check out the subscription plans here!!

Thank you!!


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